The race on vaccines risks stop, after the Veneto alarm from Lazio: “Without new doses in a day we will stop”

The race on vaccines risks stop, after the Veneto alarm from Lazio: “Without new doses in a day we will stop”
The race on vaccines risks stop, after the Veneto alarm from Lazio: “Without new doses in a day we will stop”
Run with the doses yes, but with the doses necessary to do so. The goal of accelerating the pace of Covid vaccinations is one of the cornerstones of the national vaccination plan, but the supplies expected by pharmaceutical companies continue to be the big problem. A few hours ago the alarm launched by the Region of Italy was among the fastest ever for vaccinated categories: “If Lazio does not receive the 122 thousand of Astrazeneca doses foreseen, we will be forced to suspend the administration ». To speak is the councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio d’Amato. “I hope that this suspension will be averted” added the commissioner, “the imposing machine developed by the region must not stop, now we need vaccines!” he urged Amato with concern.

Zingaretti: “The calls are at risk”

The president of the Region Nicola Zingaretti himself explains the situation: “The issue is not distribution, we could triple the doses of vaccines right now”. According to the president, the main issue to be solved is the relationship with pharmaceutical causes. “There is a plan, but companies continue to cause great concern” continues Zingaretti, underlining how the biggest problem now is that of recalls. «When, as in the case of Lazio, you did over 1 million of vaccinated, we must continue to vaccinate but be very careful to have the warehouses full to make the second dose. There is a margin of risk ».

Yesterday night the Lazio Region opened the reservation for the citizens of 66 and 67 years with over 36 thousand adhesions, while a few hours ago was the announcement of vaccinations in the pharmacy for the range 55-60 years starting from April 20. “We have 1 million of bookings from now to May »echoed the commissioner of Amato to the president, underlining how a stoppage in supplies would prevent the achievement of the set objectives.

The stop announced also in Veneto

The dose emergency was also reported by the president of Veneto Luca Zaia, who yesterday announced the stop of vaccinations throughout the region. «We, who at the moment are first for vaccinations and we do 35 thousand a day, we announce that we suspend vaccinations, apart from a few reminders, “explained Zaia, complaining of the arrival of an insufficient quantity of Pfizer doses. “They got there 83 thousand doses, considering that we do 35 thousand vaccines a day, it is clear that in a couple of days we run out of them ».

Figliuolo reassures: “Doses arriving between today and tomorrow”

«Between today and tomorrow they will arrive further 1.3 million of doses of Astrazeneca “. Emergency Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo reassures the Regions about the imminent arrival of a new supply of the Oxford vaccine. In Cagliari for an inspection of the two hub of administration, together with the head of civil protection Fabrizio Curcio, the general recalled the arrival a few hours ago of 500 thousand doses of the Moderna vaccine and yesterday’s delivery of more than 1 million Pfizer doses. “This will give new breath to the trumpets to be able to implement the Plan consistently,” he added. Meanwhile, the country will not be able to have the Johnson & Johnson single-dose before April 16.

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