Few people know these very useful methods for treating orchids

Orchids are undoubtedly one of the most appreciated and loved plants by Italians. The flowers of this incredible shrub, according to the language of flowers, allow you to express a feeling of gratitude towards your loved one. By handing a bouquet of orchids, as a present, your sweetheart can immediately quantify how important his presence is. This plant is widely used to celebrate very important events, such as weddings. Opting for the choice of orchids will always be a valid and imaginative alternative to the usual floral bouquet. Although the spread of this flower is now very common, few know these very useful methods for treating orchids.

Rubbing the peel of a banana on the leaves

It sounds incredible but it’s not at all. Using the peel of a banana will allow you to cleanse and nourish the leaves of this incredible plant. Inside the wrapper that covers the banana there are an infinite number of nutrients. Precisely these elements allow the leaves to regain their natural shine. Only apparently therefore the banana peel represents a waste. In addition to making the leaves shine, this casing allows, in a very effective way, to eliminate dust and give a very pleasant appearance to the orchid.

Taking care of the roots, intervening if necessary

The root system of each plant is very important, its integrity allows it to capture the nutrients. If the roots, for a thousand reasons, are damaged, the entire plant will suffer. Acting promptly is mandatory if you have any doubts that something is wrong. When it comes to roots, any process should be carefully considered. First, the soil contained in the pot must be removed and the roots washed. By doing so, it will be possible to understand the extent of the damage. Once the roots have dried, always with due caution, the rotting ends must be cut. Once this delicate procedure has been completed, simply “transplant” the orchid into another pot of the same size.

Few people know, nowadays, these very useful methods for treating orchids. Spreading this information to our circle of acquaintances is very important. At work!


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