An old woman is hospitalized, but the bank account is lightened: her sister raises the alarm

By crossing the work shifts with the day and time of sampling, the agents of the Borgo Po Commissioner identified who was easing the bill of an elderly hospitalized in an RSA in Turin. It was the woman’s sister who noticed the shortfall of 1,200 euros, a figure withdrawn at various times between 18 July and 12 August 2020 at bank branches located within 300 meters of the structure.

At the end of the investigations, a 50-year-old health and social worker was reported for aggravated theft and improper use of credit cards, but also for failing to comply with orders aimed at preventing the spread of infectious diseases. “In the circumstance filmed by the bank cameras – explain from the police headquarters -, the man wears the uniform provided for social health workers and, although he is outside the RSA, he does not even change his shoes, before returning to work . The images testify to conduct regardless of the great risk to which man has subjected the residents of the RSA, due to the danger of contamination by the virus to which he has exposed the elderly and frail guests of the structure ”.

The verification of the video surveillance images allowed the investigators to identify the man towards whom the first suspects had immediately focused and who has numerous police records behind him and also convictions including theft, embezzlement and continued fraud. During the investigations of the policemen it emerged that the man on one occasion in which the victim had realized that he no longer found the ATM card in his wallet, turning to the management of the RSA to report the incident, had presented himself shortly after by the manager saying that he found the paper in the drawer of the old woman’s bedside table, giving it back to her.


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