Extreme Fulminea, as the 2,040 hp Italian hypercar is made

Extreme Fulminea, as the 2,040 hp Italian hypercar is made
Extreme Fulminea, as the 2,040 hp Italian hypercar is made

It will arrive in 2023. It is the first Italian hypercar with a super “hybrid” battery. It will be produced in only 61 units which will have a unit price of almost 2 million euros

Here we are, the Fulminea, the Italian electric hypercar built by Automobili Estrema will arrive in 2023 and will be produced in Italy, in Modena, in the Italian Motor Valley. At the Mauto, National Automobile Museum of Turin, the entrepreneur Gianfranco Pizzuto (one of the first financiers of Fisker and the one who tried to relaunch Lancia as an exclusive brand of premium battery cars), who founded Automobili Estrema in 2020, has illustrated to the press the style model of the car, announcing its definitive technical characteristics.

2,040 hp and the fear passes

The real peculiarity of this electric hypercar is undoubtedly the “hybrid” battery, jointly designed with the Turkish specialist Imercar Elektronik. It is so defined because it essentially combines two different technologies: solid state cells to high performance ultra capacitors. Avesta Battery Energy Engineering (Abee) is responsible for the production of the 100 kWh accumulator. Thanks to the use of prismatic solid state cells and “cell to pack” technology, the energy density is 500 Wh / kg, with a battery weight of only 300 kg and a total weight of the car of 1,500 kg. The autonomy is 520 km (figure calculated according to the Wltp cycle). The hybrid battery powers four electric motors positioned at the wheels capable of ensuring a total of 2,040 hp and propelling the car from 0 to 320 km / h in less than 10 seconds. To ensure maximum performance and ensure the right efficiency, the Italian company, with the assistance of Electra Vehicle, has created a software called Eve-Ai, which manages both the Bms (Battery Management System), and the performance of the electric motor, in relation to driving conditions.

Italian style

According to the Italian company, the style of the Fulminea is based on the composition of four peculiarities: romance, elegance, purity and balance. “Romanticism as a sensation of excitement and mystery associated with creation. Elegance as the quality of being graceful in appearance and manner, as required by the Italian, classic, timeless style. Purity as the ability to exclude unnecessary elements for an essential, clean design , functional. Balance like the ability to combine different elements in the right proportion “. The Extreme Lightning looks like a hypercar of modern but not excessive shapes. The overall result is that of a balanced car with few but refined stylistic flaws, such as the third stop light integrated into the detail in the shape of a transparent shark fin and the rear light fins made by Est-Mobile of Turin.

exclusive project

The Fulminea will be built in 61 units that will have a unit price of almost 2 million euros (1.961.000 euro). The arrival on the market is expected in the second half of 2023. Pizzuto during the presentation conference stated that at the moment he is in talks with some investors who are interested in financing the project.

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Extreme Fulminea Italian hypercar

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