100 thousand euros with 12

100 thousand euros with 12
100 thousand euros with 12

The extraction rewards the North and gives a great satisfaction even to small receipts. Here are the results for May.

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The May draw has several surprises in store for the Receipt Lottery. In fact, three of these, in the face of expenses under 20 euros, have earned their owners the shock figure of 100 thousand euros. In particular, according to what was reported by the Customs and Monopoly Agency, which regulates the lottery, very lucky was a participant who, with an account of just 11.96 euros, dating back to 8 April, has literally blown away. His code was extracted from the lucky ones, pouring the maxi-recognition into his pockets.

There are also those who have had to work a little harder of course. Not on the level of luck but on that of pockets: the highest expenditure among the 10 receipts extracted, in fact, marks 189.61 euros, on 3 April. That is, one day before Easter. But it’s not just the extracted receipts that hold the spot on the day of the draw. The winning trend is also intriguing which, given in hand, at this round seems to reward the regions of Northern Italy more.

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Lottery of receipts, bang with 12 euros: weekly draws in June

Milan, Come, Mozzo (Bergamo) and Magenta are the cities of the North awarded in the May draw. Even two awards in Ascoli Piceno, others in San Benedetto del Tronto and Monteprandone. Novara, Modena, Romagnano Sesia (also in the province of Novara) and Casier, in the Treviso area are also doing well. The large-scale distribution sector has been awarded with five awards, another five in the neighborhood businesses sector. Here too it is better in the North (Lombardy and Veneto take the lion’s share). Ten prizes that concern the recognition of 20 thousand euros to those retailers who favor the use of electronic money.

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We remind you to keep an eye on the Pec: winnings will be communicated there, while for those who do not have it available, we will proceed with the registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Ninety days the time needed to claim the winnings at the Customs Agency office of the territory of belonging. After the appropriate checks, go to recognition. Furthermore, from June onwards, attention must be paid to the maximum: the draws will be weekly.

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