Mortgage under 35 without advance, how it works: all the details

With the introduction of a state guarantee, it is now easier to apply for a mortgage for people under the age of 35


In recent days, the premier Mario Draghi announced guarantee measures in support of young people. Among these, the subsidized loan for people aged 35 or under. It State in that case he intends to 100% guarantee in place of the applicant who, therefore, would not be forced to pay an advance to buy a house. The use of this instrument would only concern mortgages with a value not exceeding i 250.000 euro.

In addition to this, as far as the mortgage is concerned, there is also the intention of raising it tax relief from 19% to 50% to lighten the installments of the same. The cancellation of the land registry taxes is also possible.

As reported by MortgagesOnline, to date the percentage of mortgages for young people under the age of 35 has suffered a significant decline from 2011 to today (37.9% against 28.9%). Children under the age of 25 who apply for a mortgage are only 1.5%.

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Soft loan under 35, the details

Seasonal bonuses

To make it easier for under 35s to understand the concessions for buying a first home, we divide by points:

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  • As stated in the draft of the Sostegni bis decree, here is what should change:
  • The guarantee fund is increased by 55 million euros for 2021.
  • The age limit goes from 35 to 36 years
  • There are no limitations on the type of employment contract you hold
  • The duration of the regulation is expected to run until 31 December 2022
  • There is exemption from registration tax and mortgage tax for property deeds
  • of residential houses (except for categories A1, A8, A9).
  • Notary deeds are reduced by 50%
  • 50% reduction of notary fees
  • Exemption from the substitute tax of registration, stamp, mortgage, land registry and government taxes, for 0.25% of the total financing.


Mortgage advance works details

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