the effects on the vaccine plan –

the effects on the vaccine plan –
the effects on the vaccine plan –

7 million doses of the Vaxzevria vaccine are planned by the end of June. They will be the last. The EU Commission has decided not to renew the contract with AstraZeneca because delivery times have rarely been met and has made it difficult for all countries to plan vaccination. The break was in the air, but it should not affect the timing too much in reaching the herd immunity targets that Italy has set at 60% by the end of July and at 80% in September. The availability of the vials will be abundant in the coming months. Ema, the European drug agency, is also expected in the next few days for the German preparation Curevac, Rna messenger. And with Pfizer-BioNTech there was an upward renegotiation of supplies thanks to the growing production capacity also in the European plants.

Vaccines in Italy: things to know

The problems of the regions

In Campania for they have just finished the doses, in advance of the deliveries of the preparation set for Wednesday. In Lazio there is not even a free slot until the end of May to immunize with the German-American vaccine. In the region led by Vincenzo De Luca the shortage of vials determines the closure of two important vaccination points (the Mostra d’Oltremare and the Capodichino hangar) which alone make 13 thousand injections a day. Today and tomorrow the administrations will inevitably drop in a region that touches 60 thousand a day. The governor attacks the commissarial structure led by the general Francesco Figliuolo arguing that nothing is being done to refuel, complaining of the 194 thousand doses less in his region in proportion to the population, since in the first phase of the campaign a greater number of vials was assigned to the regions by age according to the historical criterion and Campania is not among these .

One head, one vaccine

The rebalancing is however taking place. For sure Pfizer punctually delivers 2.1 million doses every Tuesday and the stock is distributed pro-quota, from mid-April, according to the principle of one head, one vaccine. Certainly De Luca’s decision to secure islands such as Procida before the national plan did not help. Tourism needs to be restarted, of course, but between today and tomorrow there is a risk that those over 60, 70 and 80 left to cover will have to wait at least two days because Campania has run out of water. In Lazio the question is closely linked to the choice of the Region to give the option of choosing which vaccine to be administered. Pfizer enjoys greater credibility also for a fluctuating communication which penalized AstraZeneca which in fact is under-used in Lazio and Campania. And Matera did not even serve the incentive of over-the-counter vaccination attempted last night. It was enough to arrive first – without even booking – to have the preparation inoculated but only 250 doses (out of 750 available) have been used causing controversy.

The strategy for J&J

Surely we are also witnessing a under-use of Johnson & Johnson which still hasn’t warmed up the engines. Sure, just under 400,000 doses have arrived but just over half have been administered. The hypothesis of using them in the mountain municipalities, especially in Abruzzo and Calabria, with mobile defense teams in collaboration with the Civil Protection. Logistically it would be functional: a single-dose preparation, preferably recommended for over 60s. It should be used mainly to intercept suspicious and unreachable in the categories most at risk. On the other hand, there are still 2 million over 70s to be immunized. By mid-May the quota should be reduced to a minimum, limited only to no-vaxes. But the one that worries the most. They are expected again in May 12 million vaccines to keep the speed of 500 thousand shots per day. Yesterday 8,892 new Covid cases (for a total of 4,111,210) and 139 victims (122,833). The lowest figure since 25 October. The total number of ICU patients dropped to 2,192 (19 fewer).

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