Covid in the world: deaths, infections and all the latest news

Covid in the world: deaths, infections and all the latest news
Covid in the world: deaths, infections and all the latest news

India reported a record daily increase in coronavirus cases with 414,188 new infections, while deaths increased by 3,915, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Total infections in India now stand at 21.49 million, while its total victims have exceeded 234,000.

Great Britain: An alternative to the AstraZeneca vaccine will be offered for all under 40s
The British authorities have decided to offer an alternative to AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine no longer only to people under 30, but to all under 40s. This was announced by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, a scientific body that assists the government by Boris Johnson on the vaccination campaign. According to updated data, no more than 242 cases of rare thrombosis have been recorded in the Kingdom out of 28.5 million people vaccinated with AstraZeneca, but the percentage appears slightly higher among the youngest.

Germany, ok to equate those who have negative tests with those who have received 2 doses of vaccine
The German Bundesrat has also approved the softening of the anti-Covid measures: starting from the weekend, the equalization of those covered with two doses of vaccine to those who present a negative test will be in force.

Japan prolongs the state of emergency
The Japanese government intends to extend the state of emergency in the cities of Tokyo and Osaka until May 31. This was stated by the head of the fight against Covid, Yasutoshi Nishimura, at the end of a meeting with the medical commission, explaining that the measures will also affect the prefectures of Aichi, Kyoto and Fukuoka, in western Japan, starting next Wednesday, when it would be had to end the period of containment of social activities, currently in progress in 6 different prefectures of the archipelago. “The situation of hospitals in Osaka is particularly critical, and in Tokyo it could become so in the next two weeks if the contagion rate caused by the variants is not lowered,” said Nishimura, hoping for greater collaboration from employers to promote smart working. of employees, limiting travel as much as possible. Although this is not a European-style ‘lockdown’, and the same curfew has never been imposed in Japan since the start of the pandemic, the authorities are thus urging bars and restaurants to bring early evening closures to 8pm in exchange for the ” provision of substantial incentives, up to 60 thousand yen per day (450 euros) to compensate for the decline in turnover. At the same time, large shopping centers will remain closed, and sporting events will see a significant reduction in spectators, no more than 5,000 admissions.

In France, 600,000 vaccines a day
The French Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, has announced a new record for vaccination against Covid-19 in France, with 600,000 doses injected in a single day. “A new limit has been exceeded today – wrote Véran in a tweet – with over 600,000 vaccinations carried out in 24 hours in France. Again, thanks to all those who, day after day, protect our citizens. Let’s continue!”. as of yesterday, the number of French who received one dose was 16,791,193, while 7,554,787 received the two necessary doses.

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