many people reject AstraZeneca and want Pfizer

Covid vaccine in Naples, we are back to the starting point: unfortunately new tensions at the Neapolitan vaccination hubs, in particular in the one of Fuorigrotta at the Mostra d’Oltremare, due to exhausting waiting and disorganization but not only. ASL Napoli 1 reports that the funnel that slowed everything down was caused by those users who would have claimed, without having the right, to choose which vaccine to protect themselves from the virus, in particular by asking not to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca but with Pfizer-BionTech or Moderna.

To prevent the situation from escalating, given the insults and verbal threats to health workers, the director general of ASL Napoli 1 Ciro Verdoliva he asked for the intervention of the police forces, who are already present, in order to quell the protests.

In a note, the strategic management of the Napoli 1 Centro ASL reminds that the vaccination plan provides for the administration of the mRNA vector vaccine only for dedicated categories that are punctually defined and listed and that “Expect the administration of a vaccine outside these categories and indications prescribed by health professionals is not possible and certainly no threatening or insulting behavior towards health personnel or security guards engaged in carrying out their work in the service of citizens “.

Verdoliva declares: «A very serious fact. We will not tolerate that with such behaviors and such claims the organization of an entire vaccination center is blown up, thinking that we can force ourselves to administer vaccines other than those envisaged ». He is then the medical director Maria Corvino to remember that vaccination with Pfizer is only possible for citizens who have pathologies or health conditions that make it essential to administer the mRNA vaccine. “Those who believe they are suffering from diseases for which the administration of an mRNA vaccine is expected – says Corvino – can enroll in the appropriate categories, otherwise there will be no exceptions and no exceptions”.


people reject AstraZeneca Pfizer

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