Construction, alarm for the skyrocketing prices of raw materials. Companies and super bonuses at risk –

The construction sector is facing a new storm. After the damage caused by the covid emergency, there is now another serious problem to deal with: the increase in the price of raw materials.

Glulam, steel, materials for insulation such as polyurethane and, in general, ferrous and plastic materials: there are increases in the purchase of raw materials and they risk compromising the work of small businesses, but also of public works.

In a system already tried and in crisis, in fact, the increase of these materials inevitably leads to a stormy scenario:

“Unfortunately, the disproportionate rise in the cost of raw materials as expected is generating damage that is visible across both the private and public sectors” – explains Paolo Manera, entrepreneur of Mondovì“In the private sector it has become almost possible to manage the work in progress, in fact the sudden and excessive increase means that in works contracted with estimates made a few months ago and, under construction, they put companies in a loss situation, without being able instead, for the works to be started, the clients, seeing the recounting of costs on the rise, choose to give up the works “.

A problem that also falls on the “Superbonus 110%” which provides for precise ceilings to be able to take advantage of the tax relief.

“The increases have been such that there is a risk of exceeding the limits provided for in the bonus operations that should have helped the building sector restart” – continues Manera – “In the public, the situation is even less rosy: the works contracted or in the project phase, accounted for months or years earlier, are no longer economically sustainable. The risk is that the persistence of this situation leads to collapse and that certain works are not completed. The silence around the issue, on a national level, is deafening. If no action is taken in the summer or at the latest in the autumn, the situation will explode socially and economically “.


Construction alarm skyrocketing prices raw materials Companies super bonuses risk Targatocnit

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