The 3 movements on the account that trigger the alarm

The 3 movements on the account that trigger the alarm
The 3 movements on the account that trigger the alarm

The eye awaits the Tax it can be activated in some circumstances for which it is good to pay the utmost attention and thus avoid having to give explanations or incur penalties or fines. In particular, we will see that there are three cases that may arouse some suspicion.

Incoming transfers and cash payments

The first of the situations in question concerns the incoming operations on the current account and not the outgoing ones: all account holders can, of course, withdraw any amount of money at ATMs without the fear of any verification. Different speech, however, for bank transfers in Entrance received from a friend, relative or any other person. As reported by Trend-online, in fact, the control of the Inland Revenue can be triggered to ascertain the origin of the money in question because the Tax Authority assumes that that money is derived from work and subject to taxation, which is why they must find a correspondence in the tax return of the account holder who must prove the origin of that money. For example, in the case of game winnings, the account holder will have to prove the origin of the money to avoid it being taxed with penalties and interest.

The risks of outgoing wire transfers

The other alarm bell that puts the Inland Revenue to attention concerns some outgoing transfers, putting those who received it under the magnifying glass: among the special supervised there is the transfer to theestero, in particular when this occurs at the same time as the request for closure of the Italian current account and towards countries with much lower levels of taxation than the Italian one. As stated in a note from the UIF, Financial Intelligence Unit for Italy, operations of this type trigger the suspicion that it could be a possible international tax evasion. So, if I make a transfer abroad and, at the same time, I close the current account, I end up in the crosshairs of the tax authorities who will ascertain the reason for those movements.

Absence of withdrawals

The third case that makes the Revenue Agency suspicious concerns theabsence of withdrawals for a long period, perhaps continuing to accumulate savings on your current account: at that point suspicions may arise that trigger investigations for a more in-depth analysis. With what money does the person in question provide for his livelihood since he does not withdraw anything? Is it possible that you pay only with cards and debit cards? Possible, of course, given that the government also pushes more and more towards these means of payment at the expense of cash, but going from one extreme to the other is different. At that point, the tax authorities may suspect that the holder of the banking relationship may have hidden income and can rely on undeclared money and potentially withdrawn from taxation. Having clarified these points, if you learn to use the necessary precautions, the citizens will have nothing to fear; vice versa, in some cases the consequences could even be heavy.


movements account trigger alarm

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