the social kingdom of the Ferragnez. Beautiful, rich and (almost) busy –

the social kingdom of the Ferragnez. Beautiful, rich and (almost) busy –
the social kingdom of the Ferragnez. Beautiful, rich and (almost) busy –

Communists with Rolex (it was the title of one of his albums with J-Ax), Che Guevara in Lamborghini: for detractors you can only take political positions if you are desperately at the gas. “So I’ll sell the Lamborghini and buy myself a Panda.” Yesterday Fedez thus claimed the right to express their ideas even by the pool. Net of the bank account, the truth is that the “political” Fedez – thanks also to the union with Chiara Ferragni – moves more likes than many who do it by profession.

Beautiful, rich, famous, life became a permanent reality on Instagram, a royal family of a state (Ferragnezland) with almost 36 million followers (once they were vulgarly called subjects). If the Fedez-Ferragni coalition went to politics, it would have a majority (in the last elections the center-right stopped at 12 and a half million votes). Committed, but not to the point of really taking the field (at least so they say in public statements). He is more smoking (after all he is a rapper), she is more strategist (after all she is an entrepreneur).

Fedez is not afraid of one-on-one and has clashed with the entire parliamentary arc: not only Salvini (by now it’s a saga) and Gasparri (who called it a “painted thing”), but also the ultra-Catholic Giovanardi (on soft drugs); very hard on Renzi (“totally irrelevant”) but then not very malleable even with those 5 Stars for which he had written an anti-Napolitano hymn (“Di Maio talks to people as if they were stupid”). Chiara Ferragni, on the other hand, is more cautious (a company can only marry everyone’s battles). The theme of feminism, certainly less divisive, feels it her own. “Our society is still male chauvinist and patriarchal, women are judged differently and often the judgment comes not only from men but also from other women ready to accuse each other”, he said while denouncing the phenomena of victim blaming, slut shaming, revenge porn (civil battles now only go through English). Sometimes it is the policy itself that flatters them, like when the then president Conte hired them to launch a campaign on the use of masks.

Then? “We are neither right nor left. We are ahead “he said. Get into politics? “It is not an ambition.” The average Italian? “He messes up during the minute of silence and stays silent when he has to mess.” Difficult to blame him.

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