Esselunga brings over 100 jobs to Albenga. Mayor Tomatis: “Great opportunity”

Esselunga brings over 100 jobs to Albenga. Mayor Tomatis: “Great opportunity”
Esselunga brings over 100 jobs to Albenga. Mayor Tomatis: “Great opportunity”

Albenga. They will be over 100 jobs that long S will lead to the Albenganese District. AND new hires, according to what transpires from the circles of the Lombard colossus, “will fall entirely on the territory”.

“An important news e a great opportunity for Albenga and its District. An activity like Esselunga will not only refer to the citizens of Albenga, but will also be an attraction for many customers outside the city “, the comment of the mayor Riccardo Tomatis.

Esselunga will find “home” in the Leca plant of the former Delbalzo shopping center, located along the Sp 582 that leads from Albenga to Garessio, near the exit of the A10 Genoa – Ventimiglia motorway.

“It’s about a strategic position compared to the motorway tollbooth and the valleys of our hinterland, – continued the first citizen of the city. – In a difficult time like this, with the pandemic, we can only welcome the news of this new opening which can give an opportunity to our young people but also to those who, precisely because of Covid, have lost their jobs in recent months “.


Until Sunday 16 January it is possible to register for the virtual “Job Day Albenga” (entirely online recruiting event organized by Esselunga), which it will then take kicks off on January 19th.

To partecipate you need to log in to career site, in the “Events” section, register and send your application: among those who register, the candidates most in line with the requirements will receive an email and a text message with the information necessary to continue the selection process, through video presentations and video interviews carried out with the recruiters of the Esselunga Talent Acquisition Center.


Unfortunately, the date of the new opening is not yet known, with Esselunga who, as always happens in similar cases, wanted to keep the utmost confidentiality on the matter as well as on the composition and services offered by the new supermarket, which will be revealed only later.

What is certain is that, through the Job Day, the goal is to seek candidates for 3 different positions working: responsible learner, sales clerk e trade specialist.


The figure of the responsible student “provides for a career path aimed at achieving roles of responsibility within the stores. The student is accompanied by a training project, through the Esselunga School of Professions, aimed at acquiring the skills and tools necessary for an autonomous and effective management of the departments, alternating training in the field with classroom activities “. IS immediate insertion in the store is expected.


They are inserted within a specific department of the store. Esselunga “guarantees a training course structured, learning takes place in the field alongside experienced people and through classroom courses according to the skills needed to fill the role “. Requirements required are: a Second Degree Secondary School diploma or Professional Qualification (no previous experience is required in the field).


The digitization of the selection process “It has proved far-sighted to face the pandemic scenario”. And so the company has decided to continue in the wake of the digital development of selection, devising new solutions that make it possible to transform the usual “Job Days” (recruiting events in the area that Esselunga, since 2016, has been organizing in the main Italian cities), into “Virtual Job Day“.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies ea a video presentation system of the candidate, that replaces the old paper curriculum, the selection process “offers the possibility for many more candidates, compared to previous ‘Job Days’, to present themselves to the company”.

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