Amazon in the WAX ​​ecosystem | Where can $ WAXP go? Analyses

Amazon in the WAX ​​ecosystem | Where can $ WAXP go? Analyses
Amazon in the WAX ​​ecosystem | Where can $ WAXP go? Analyses

Per WAX the excellent state of form is confirmed – which is due not to short-term speculation, but rather to a series of commercial agreements which are effectively revolutionizing the commercial trajectory of the group.

Just a few days ago we talked about the operation with AMC and Sony for i NFT from Spiderman – even if what was circulated yesterday by the official Twitter account of WAX has even more of the unbelievable. And although this is news that insiders have known for a few days, the boom has been strong and sustained.

Amazon’s entry into the WAX ​​system now lacks only official status

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Amazon in WAX? That’s not exactly the case, even though …

The news that was spread by the official Twitter account of WAX Blockchain is one of those ready to shake up the entire cryptocurrency market – and blockchains that deal, in various ways, with commercial integration of the same. Let’s talk about NFT but not only.

BREAKING: Amazon enters the $ WAXP ecosystem. We are happy to announce that Amazon has entered the niche of NFT gives collection, investing in Dibbs, a fractional card market using WAX vIRL technology.

An announcement that actually refers to an investment news that had arrived on the markets a few days ago, but which few had correlated with WAX. A blockchain that is making a name for itself in the world of gaming crypto, much instead in the sector of NFT. But what actually happened?

Amazon acquired a stake within Dibbs, a very special project, which allows you to exchange collectible cards that come fractionated through non fungible tokens. In a nutshell let’s talk about menu that have thousands of euros in value and which are divided by shares using the NFT offered by WAX and that they are having a great success among those at the Research from investment systems alternative.

A system – and this is the most interesting thing – that will soon also target the market of Magic the Gathering e Pokémon – collectible card games where the most requested pieces can even exceed hundreds of thousands of euros in value. Amazon for the moment has not yet commented on the news of the acquisition – which, however, at least according to the well-informed, would be practically official. It is not even known, at the moment, what the figures are involved.

Another success for WAX, which confirms itself as a potential leader in the sector

WAX is, despite being a project that until recently knew a small number of investors, one of the most promising of the circuit of NFT. Not only for the goodness of the entire ecosystem on a technological level, but also because it is evidently equipped with a good commercial sector.

Close deals with Sony e AMC it is not for everyone – just as it is not for everyone have Amazon among its investors. A signal that those who want to enter the project are still … early and therefore still has room to move in this direction. Something about which at least on the pages of we had never doubted.

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