Here are the thirteenths: they are increasing

Here are the thirteenths: they are increasing
Here are the thirteenths: they are increasing

In 2021 the thirteenth grow again. In 2020 it had suffered a collapse but this year the additional monthly payment, according to forecasts, should reach 43.7 billion euros. A figure still below the pre-pandemic level of 1.2 billion. At the same time, however, 360 million higher than last December.

This injection, second Confesercenti, should be able to generate a 21 billion boost for Christmas shopping. A good 2.7 billion euros more than in 2020. Between pensioners and employees, over 35 million Italians will receive the thirteenth. The average amount is just over 1,200 euros net. Most of this money will go into consumption related to household and family expenses. Italians, therefore, will spend 15.7 billion, over 3.3 billion more than last, a percentage equivalent to + 27.4%. Last year this item had fallen by 3.4 billion euros. The shares of resources relating to gifts decrease: 5.4 billion is the hypothesized expenditure, 10.2% less than in 2020. The same applies to that dedicated to accounts to be paid which falls from 13 billion last year to 10, 2. On the other hand, the item relating to savings. The pandemic seems to push more and more Italians to have money aside in an emergency. The figure, in fact, is around 12.5 billion, one billion more than in 2020 and over 2 more than in 2019.

According to Confesercenti, the thirteenth should be the push capable of increasing consumption in a much more consistent way than last year. “An increase due primarily to the resumption of work after the stop imposed by the pandemic and the consequent reduction in debt – explains the business association – A signal that bodes well, even if there is no lack of elements of concern“. And he adds:”The growth in savings, which increased for the second consecutive year, is linked to a persistent state of uncertainty, in turn due to the prolongation of the health emergency“. Precisely for this reason it is necessary” an injection of confidence “which can be had, according to Confesercenti, by accelerating on the fourth doses and clearing the horizon of the hypothesis of new restrictions, which”they would worsen the deterioration of the climate and place a mortgage on the ongoing recovery”.


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