Ftse Mib ready to go back? Unicredit, Telecom and Intesa buy?

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Below is an interview with Enrico Malverti, Quant Analyst Ematrend SRL, with questions on the Ftse Mib index and some blue chips.

The Ftse Mib is struggling to follow up on the recovery that started from the recent lows. What are the expectations in the short term?

Equity markets are all struggling. The Omicron variant of the covid has set the tone for profit taking, and returning now, a few sessions from the end of the year, is a risk that many managers will not want to take in order not to ruin the performance of 2021.

This hinders a sharp rise in prices. The contagions advancing in Europe hinder the economic recovery and I fear that a new stable uptrend will have to wait.

In the next few days, however, a short-term rebound for the Ftse Mib is not to be excluded, indeed I think it is probable.
The decisive factor will be the overcoming of 26,300 points, to be confirmed at the end of the daily session.

STM suffered a vertical collapse yesterday, while Telecom Italia went up against the trend. What strategies can you suggest for these two titles?

STM gave out on the support at € 41.63, although it had a timid rebound at the close, returning above that level.

The stock was penalized by the bearish expectations of the Iphone sale and by Apple’s drop on the stock market.
I would not rule out further STM descents towards 40 euros.

Telecom Italia, on the other hand, is rightly the subject of speculation linked to the hypothesis of takeover bids and against takeover bids by Vivendi and CDP, everything is still very uncertain, even on the price.

Technically Telecom holds above the support of 0.4610 euros, a fundamental level to avoid in the short term the risk that the stock will deflate towards 0.45 euros.

How do you assess the current organization of Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo and what information can you provide us for both?

This is not a good time for bank stocks and Intesa Sanpaolo and Unicredit are no exception.

However, the worst could be over and I would expect a return to 2.18 euros for Intesa Sanpaolo and 11.40 euros for Unicredit, which has already benefited from the holding of the uptrendline that starts from the lows of October 2020 and is better set than its competitor. .

What is your view on two issues of managed savings with Azimut and Finecobank? Would you value a purchase now?

I would be very cautious about purchases to be made at the end of the year, if not from a very short speculative point of view, for the reasons already explained at the beginning.

In this specific case, both Azimut and Finecobank suffered a major setback in the second half of November.

Azimut has reached an important technical support, I would say that it is on a key level, I would expect a recovery from the support of 24 euros and 25 euros as a target shortly.

Below 24 euros, a good alarm must be inserted, because if it were to yield that level, automatic sales would be triggered, with an effect of loss of appeal and descent towards 23 euros.

I also see Fineco close to a rebound phase towards 16 euros. A drop below 15 euros would instead negate this hypothesis.

Which stocks are you following most closely in this market phase? Which ones do you recommend to look at now?

The most interesting stocks for a few weeks have been very similar, with very few variations: Azimut, ferrari, Campari, Banca Generali, Moncler are some of the stocks that I keep track of for a possible restart.

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After completing his studies at the Classical High School “Antonio Calamo” of Ostuni I entered the world of economics.
For about twenty years I have been dealing with Stock Exchange and Finance. After having worked as a financial promoter for several years, in 2005 I joined the Trend-online team as an editor, to later become deputy director of the cylinder head. Among other countless activities, I take care of maintaining relationships with all the experts, analysts and traders, consulted daily by Trend-online.

My motto is? “Life is like a mirror, if you look at it smiling it will smile at you”.


Ftse Mib ready Unicredit Telecom Intesa buy

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