why it is worth buying or not. Pros and cons

why it is worth buying or not. Pros and cons
why it is worth buying or not. Pros and cons

The Audi Q2 has established itself in the market and renews itself inside and out to continue to attract that younger-than-average Audi customer profile. Stronger lines, better equipment and an enhanced safety level are the business cards of this Q2.

When the first Audi Q2 arrived four years ago was a breaking point for the German brand. After the launch of the Audi A1, they decided to enter the compact utility segment, but in this case clearly looking at where the market pulls the most, i.e. towards SUVs. We just have to analyze better:

Why it is worth buying the Audi Q2

Audi has set to work to give a boost to what is now the gaccess hatch within the range of Audi high-end bodies. Q2 introduced design innovations into the brand, now Audi brings it back by incorporating the latest changes in the visual language.

The new Audi Q2 looks remarkably more aggressive but without losing its urban suv ways. At the front, new headlights with LED technology are released as standard for the entire range and the Matrix LEDs are available as an option, which until now could not be equipped with the Q2.

The singleframe front grille it has been completely redesigned and has been placed in a lower position to give it a rougher look and additional subtle air intakes are added above, below the start of the hood.

In the side view, it is difficult to notice changes in addition to the alloy wheels up to 18 inches while at the rear there are also some changes such as the LED lights with three-dimensional effect or the slightly redesigned bumper design, diffuser included.

Audi Q2 reconfirms itself as a comfortable B-Suv, pleasant to drive and well soundproofed. Liveability is good with ample shoulder space, light available almost at full height in medium height and a little bare longitudinally. In the rear seats the available height is good, what is missing is the space for the knees.

Pros and cons Audi Q2

At the level of measures the obvious variations of Audi Q2 are the 17 mm that it gains in length and that are due to the overhaul of the bumpers. It is 4.21 meters long, 1.79 meters wide and 1.56 meters high. The trunk does not change either with 405 liters expandable to 1,050 with the rear seats folded down. Audi Q2 is similar in terms of interior aesthetics to the rest of the family but with the main distinction in the materials that compose it.

Both the distribution and the main elements are exactly the same, with a cockpit where the big changes are hardly visible. I am technological and connectivity changes. Seated behind the wheel we have a medium-sized three-spoke steering wheel.

Behind is an Audi virtual cockpit dashboard with a 12.3-inch screen which gives the interior a very sophisticated look. This module contains all the information with two display modes and the possibility of varying the information. The materials are mostly hard with the exception of some door trims and the upper part of the dashboard.

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