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The Draghi Executive is studying measures to stop the fearful increases in electricity and gas bills. How will we do not to be overwhelmed by the sting.

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Electricity and gas bills, the sting is served and now everyone knows it. From October the news is official and the increases that will start from January 2022 will mean that the average annual expenditure for each family even increases by almost 1250 euros per year.

The fault lies with the sector’s energy crisis, which has led to a dizzying rise in the cost of supplies, for a situation that ultimately translates into a monstrous surge in electricity and gas bills.

A first negative sign had already arrived in June and then in September, with the increases at the time buffered by a resources fund that amounted to 4.2 billion euros and that the Draghi government had set aside.

Electricity and gas bills, a proposal for new funds rejected

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But with the electricity and gas bills in January, the prices we were used to they will even double. The government itself has pledged to provide new aid to avoid the super sting that would hit all citizens. An ad hoc announcement is therefore expected in the next Budget Law 2022.

In this regard, there was talk of a solidarity contribution which would have seen an extra taxation with regard to incomes exceeding 75 thousand euros. This would have led to additional funds being raised, but it appears that this will not be considered.

Some parties have contested this idea. These are Brothers of Italy, Lega and Italia Viva. Electricity and gas bills are not fixed but are recalculated on a quarterly basis based on the periodic costs of raw materials, which are themselves variable.

Who will be helped first

The Government’s intention is to raise additional funds to be added to the 2 billion euros kept aside this time too to stop the emergency. One should derive from the IRPEF reform announced in recent days and which will also start in January 2022.

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As it is easy to imagine, priority will be given to receiving help from those who are families characterized by low profitability. This difficult situation is accompanied by general increases also as regards the price of food, fuel and other basic necessities.

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And from an inflation which reached levels seen only in the crisis between 2007 and 2008, when it reached an average of 4.1%. We are now on 3.8% of calculated inflation. This is also due to a slower economic recovery, which will make 2022 a truly complicated year.

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