Blackout risk | Broccoli and pathologies

The Minister of Economic Development spoke of a blackout risk. Some vegetables prove incompatible with some diets. And the fuel …

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Time for price increases on all fronts. Costs of utilities and raw materials. A decidedly disheartening picture if you think about how much this affects the flow of our daily life. A fact, especially in a traditionally spending time like the month of December, between the tasks of the end of the year and those of the Christmas period. Which, of course, ends up producing contrasting effects on citizenship, pushed by traditions to spend more to at least keep the spirit of Christmas alive, but also in the double-headed grip of taxes and inflation. But the issue of rising costs is not just about everyday life and the soaring bills. A big problem seems to be looming upstream and responds to the name of none other than blackout.

Blackout risk, dark spectrum over Europe

A rather concrete risk, which the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, spoke about. And that would hang not on Italy but on all of Europe. In practice, “compared to the current energy supply structure”, the entire energy conveyance system could no longer hold up. Blame the lack of materials and the direct consequence, that is, the increase in costs. This could lead the whole mechanism to levels of inefficiency due to a lack of sufficient stocks to guarantee its functioning. Which, coupled with the structural issues encountered last year in securing the system during the lockdown, created an explosive combination. So much so that the governments of some countries have already invited the population to stock up on food.

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An almost film-like scenario but apparently far more concrete than you think. However, the risk of a blackout goes hand in hand not only with the impossibility of guaranteeing lighting but also with that of storing food. Mainly meat, fruit and vegetables. Speaking of the latter, their approach to health and well-being is rather obvious. However, according to some experts, the assonance is not always correct. Indeed, in the case of one of the most common vegetables such as broccoli, dieticians proceed with the advice but according to some precautions. This is because broccoli is one of the vegetables that, inside, constitute a source of goitrogens. That is, a component capable of interfering with iodine intake and therefore being the basis of problems for those suffering from hypothyroidism problems. This pathology, in fact, advises against eating vegetables belonging to the cruciferous family. Among which, in fact, broccoli and cauliflower

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Fuel, good news on prices coming soon

There were rumors of price increases. Which have touched practically all areas of daily life, from simple food supplies to the cost of utilities. Last but not least the fuel. Indeed, the increase in prices it was especially noticed in this area, where the tariff divergence between the most intense period of the pandemic and the current one became clear. A situation that, however, at the moment could undergo a positive change.

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The cost of fuel, in fact, would be decreasing even if the visible effects would still be limited. Eni, for example, has applied a reduction of one cent per liter (for both petrol and diesel). Bees, on the other hand, of 1.5 per liter. Lower figures, therefore, but only slightly. A first step however, since it also involves other names in the sector (Q8, Tamoil). A favorable situation brought about by the drop in oil prices. At least from this point of view, there is no risk of a blackout …

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