Ozon arrives in Italy: how much is the Russian Amazon worth

In 2022 Ozone will land in Italy. It is an e-commerce platform made in Russia, practically a ‘new Amazon’. The CEO, Alexander Shulgin, explained that the monthly active users are 85 millions, of which 21 million completed at least one purchase in 2021. A very large audience, made up of many people interested in buying products Italians: for this reason Ozon will also be launched in our country. Here’s everything you need to know about the platform.

Ozon, when the Russian Amazon arrives in Italy and how much it is worth

But when will Ozon actually arrive in Italy? Shulgin confessed that he hopes that the e-commerce platform can land in our country by June 2022. To date it is the second online retailer in Russia by number of sales: in 2020 it created an IPO (acronym for ‘Initial public offering’, i.e. the initial public offering: it is an offer to the public of the securities of a company that intends to go public for the first time) a record in New York for almost one billion dollars, the largest in Russia since 2017 (Amazon’s IPOI in 1997 was $ 18 per share; in 2021, however, Amazon surpassed Walmart’s sales for the first time).

Shulgin then added that the company is expanding very fast: growth is expected 120%. All this by virtue of the fact that the Russian retail market is large, worth around 500 billion dollars, and the penetration of e-commerce (which is why SMEs are all betting on e-commerce) is about 10%, but it is growing more and more: it is estimated that it can reach 16% by 2026.

Ozon, the Russian Amazon arrives in Italy: what you can buy

With the landing of Ozon in Italy, in fact, local companies will be able to upload their products directly to the platform. For its part, Ozon will think about providing logistics options for shipments to Russia and back: even Russian brands will be able to sell their products in Italy. Ours will not be the first country to host Ozon: the Russian giant already has companies in China, Turkey, Israel, States United e South Korea.

“For Italian products there is a big market in Russia: it could be interesting for Italian companies to grow. Our mission is to be open for everyone, the service is the same for everyone and there are no restrictions on the platform to operate. We do not impose logistical options“, Shulgin added, who then focused on the explosion of e-commerce after the pandemic. “In 2020 there was obviously an acceleration of e-commerce, especially during the lockdown (also thanks to Amazon: here are the Christmas offers, with discounts up to 40%). But – he concluded – the growth remains, the virus has only accelerated it: we want to communicate our possibilities to companies in other countries, who can use Ozon to grow their business and sell in Russia, and find partners who can make it easier for us to reach other countries “.


Ozon arrives Italy Russian Amazon worth

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