who will not pay it anymore

The car tax is a tax that must be paid by all those who have a car. There are however some exemptions. Here are which ones


Among the taxes most hated by Italians there is certainly that of car tax the payment of which is due to all those who own a vehicle duly registered in the public motor vehicle register.

The tax must be paid every year regardless of theuse or not of the vehicle. However, there are some cars for which the car tax may not be paid either for a given period or for ever. In this article we will see specifically for which means the car tax can not get paid.

Car tax, that’s who doesn’t pay it


Not having to pay the car tax are all the owners of electric vehicles. This type of exemption is for a fixed term, i.e. it is hard 5 years but, when these expire, the tax to be paid is decidedly inferior compared to that set for petrol, diesel and gas cars.

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Payment of the stamp duty is different from region to region as these entities are delegated by the state to manage vehicle taxes. In Lombardy, for example, the exemption is indefinite if the car is electric or hydrogen. There is also an incentive of € 90 for those who demolish polluting vehicles.

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The vintage car, that is, those who are over thirty years old. These cars only pay a road tax ranging from 25.82 to 31.24 euros. The same is true for the mopeds. If, on the other hand, the vehicles are between twenty and twenty-nine years old, you pay in half, provided that the certificate of historical relevance has been obtained. This is not true in all regions.

Finally, the recipients of the Law 104: vehicles and mopeds used for the transport of the disabled are in fact exempt from paying the car tax. The benefit is valid for one vehicle only, which must be made out to the handicapped person or to a direct family member of the disabled person for tax purposes or vice versa.

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