“Beware of scam sites that pretend to be us” – Nerd4.life

“Beware of scam sites that pretend to be us” – Nerd4.life
“Beware of scam sites that pretend to be us” – Nerd4.life

Apparently a series of scam sites who pass themselves off as GameStop and that attract unsuspecting consumers with products that are too discounted if not even existing. For this reason the chain has issued a message for warn customers, with some indications to distinguish the official GameStop web portal from scam sites.

With Christmas approaching, the number of online purchases is growing exponentially and apparently there are groups of bad guys who are trying to scam unsuspecting consumers. Thanks to user reports, GameStop became aware of a series of scam sites that pretend to be GameStop.it, selling products at excessively discounted or even non-existent prices, obviously with the aim of scamming the unsuspecting victim.

A GameStop point of sale

Here are some tips to avoid running into online scams. This is a series of tips that basically apply to any online purchase and not just GameStop customers.

  • Always be wary of websites other than www.gamestop.it. Always check theURL and make sure it has no abnormal strings.
  • Beware of promotions not communicated even on the official GameStop channels.
  • Check the payment systems and the web reputation of the site you are purchasing from.
  • Check carefully the product images and descriptions, and be wary if they are not consistent with the product itself.
  • Finally, always use common sense: do not trust first appearances and inform GameStop, through the Customer care, reporting any anomalies you find.

In the meantime, the GameStop Advent Calendar offers are active with discounts on PS4 and PS5 exclusives.


Beware scam sites pretend Nerd4life

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