The Toyota Corolla Cross lands in Europe

IT WAS ALSO EXPECTED BY US – The Toyota Corolla Cross it is not new in the strict sense of the term, because it was already announced last July for some markets (who la news), but now it is finally ready to land in Europe, where it will arrive inautumn of 2022. A confirmation had been awaited for months, and it is not surprising that it has arrived, because for a large manufacturer like Toyota it was essential to strengthen its presence in the Old Continent, where models with raised wheels about 450 cm long are very popular and often exceed the sales of sedans. of medium size from which they derive. This explains, therefore, the decision of the Japanese house to expand its European range with the new one Toyota Corolla Cross, an SUV that in terms of size and technical characteristics is between the smallest C-HR and the largest RAV4.

A BIG FAMILY – With the Corolla Cross, Toyota in one fell swoop completes the Corolla line-up, previously made up of hatchbacks and the Touring Sports station wagon, and expands its range of high-wheeled cars, now – thanks also to the Yaris Cross – one of the most complete in Europe. The design, judging from the first official images, it is a robust and athletic body, with aesthetic solutions that seem perfectly in line with the tastes of European motorists. 446 cm long, 182 wide and 162 high, with a wheelbase of 264 cm, the Toyota Corolla Cross combines the dimensions of a medium sedan and the interior space of a superior category car.

SIMPLE LINES FOR PLEASURE IN EUROPE – The style of the Toyota Corolla Cross it practically renounces certain “Mazinger” solutions that still characterize some models of the Japanese house. To satisfy the Western eye, sometimes not inclined to digest too elaborate lines, Toyota has therefore focused on simplicity, without however giving up a series of solutions that they accentuate the personality of the car, such as the large bi-trapezoidal grille and the double hulling on the side at the front and rear mudguards. A confirmation of a linear stylistic approach is also found in the interior: few frills, controls arranged in a functional way and, in general, a large and bright passenger compartment, with an opening angle of the rear doors above average to facilitate getting on board and loading bulky objects. The fully digital instrumentation is enclosed in a 12.3-inch display, while in the center of the dashboard, above the air vents, a 10.5-inch vertical screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity stands out.

FRONT OR ALL-WHEEL DRIVE – Important news also in terms of engines. The new Toyota Corolla Cross is the first model of the Japanese house, marketed on a global scale, equipped with the fifth generation hybrid system, which is able to deliver a overall power from 197 CV. Based on the 2.0 4-cylinder engine, the Toyota hybrid is available with both front-wheel drive (an electric motor combined with the thermal one) and four-wheel drive (two electric motors, one for each axle) and benefits from an increase in torque, electric motor power and driving pleasure, as well as an improvement in overall efficiency. Also boost the new batteries lithium-ion, which weigh 40% less than those of the previous generation. The performance data is still in the homologation phase, except for the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, covered in 8.1 seconds. A dose of extra sprint should be guaranteed by the 4×4 version, which can count on the additional 42 HP delivered by the electric unit integral with the rear axle. Finally, the systems of driving assistance: The new Toyota Corolla Cross is equipped with the latest evolution of the T-Mate package, which combines Toyota Safety Sense with other active driving devices and parking assistance to make journeys safer and protect occupants and other users of the vehicle. Street.

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