Raffmetal-Cromodora, intended for recycled alloy wheels

Raffmetal-Cromodora, intended for recycled alloy wheels
Raffmetal-Cromodora, intended for recycled alloy wheels

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Struggling towards a more sustainable industry. The Brescia companies believe in it and are making heavy investments in this direction; the market and manufacturers of the automotive industry are asking for it, driven by the European shortages of the energy transition and decarbonisation. The partnership signed between two Brescia giants goes in this direction: the Raffmetal of the Silmar group (Niboli), one of the largest European producers of foundry aluminum alloys; and the Cromodora Wheels, a leading company in the supply of original equipment alloy wheels for the most prestigious car manufacturers worldwide (among its customers there are brands of the caliber of Ferrari, Bmw, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, FCA).

La partnership

The agreement aims to develop, test and patent an innovative primary alloy from recycling high performance. Strategic operation: thanks to this Brescia synergy it will be possible to maximize the recycling content within the aluminum alloy, the Cromodora wheels will be made with a primary alloy that will allow a 95% reduction in energy consumption and a significant decrease in CO2 emissions of over 89%.

The synergy between Raffmetal and Cromodora Wheels will allow to offer to the market sustainable products, with a low carbon footprint, circular and with total control of the entire supply chain: from scrap to the finished product.

The range

The Raffmetal headquarters in Casto

Raffmetal has been working for some time on the new range of primary aluminum alloys patented and named Silval, in honor of the founder of the Silmar group, Silvestro Niboli. L’“green” aluminum it will be produced in the Special Alloys plant in Vobarno and shipped to the Cromodora plant in Ghedi. «Our strategy has always been to anticipate the times, with a view to sustainable development – declares the president of Raffmetal, Orlando Niboli -. This partnership represents a fundamental step in the direction of sustainability and the circular economy as a lever of shared values ​​between two important industrial realities internationally recognized “.

Beyond the commodity crisis

The headquarters of Cromodora Wheels in Ghedi

The aluminum industry is experiencing a particularly difficult time due to dear raw materials and the rising cost of energy. The prices of primary aluminum ingots, a raw material for many extruders, whose production process requires a large consumption of energy, are worrying. «The European supply chain is strongly affected by shortage of supply of raw materials and give rising energy costs – comments Roberta Niboli, Raffmetal commercial management -. But Raffmetal and Cromodora share a roadmap: the goal is to preserve un importante know-how in an Italian industrial sector recognized as the leader for technological innovation, quality, production excellence and environmental sustainability ».


the Silval alloys produced in the new Special Alloys plant have a recycling content between 80% and 100%, allowing to reach truly performing values ​​in environmental terms: 95% energy savings, zero soil consumption, zero process waste, 74% water savings, drastic reduction in CO2 emissions. «We want to be protagonists of this transition – adds Giancarlo Dallera, president of Cromodora Wheels -. We believe urgent action is needed to preserve the planet and fight climate change. For this reason it is increasingly necessary to forge strategic partnerships, optimizing the sharing of know-how in research and development, in order to bring benefits along the reference production chains “.

Marco Dallera, Cromodora sales manager, follows the same line: «Thanks to this collaboration in the primary low carbon content aluminum alloy, we will be able to help car manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint».

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