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Appliances that consume even if they are turned off

Some household appliances waste electricity simply because they are not connected to the electricity. Let’s see what they are specifically

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The energy consumption it is an issue that arouses collective interest. Seen i price increases from the bills of the past few months, we must pay even more attention to prevent the bill at the end of the month it is even more salty.

Regardless of the manager with whom you are under contract and the consumption that you really cannot do without, there is an aspect that can help and not a little to lower the costs. This is the management of home appliances.

Which appliances consume electricity even if they are not active?

Having established that some are more deleterious than others in terms of energy expenditure, it is good to know some aspects that can make a difference in the long run. In fact, some appliances absorb energy even when they are turned off, if they are connected to a socket.

These include the LCD TV which can consume up to 1.12 watts per hour. Even worse if you have older screens, which even result in a doubling of the aforementioned consumption. Practically a TV that is switched off but plugged into the electricity costs consumers about 4 euros per year.

The same goes for the mobile phone. Forgetting the charger at the power outlet has practically become a classic. However, few know that this mechanism leads to consume 0.5 watts every 500 hours. Making a not exactly approximate estimate translates into approx 1 euro per year. The expense is higher when i various tools for charging the toothbrush, razor, tablet, modem and other related devices.

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Among the unsuspected enemies of consumers there is also the cordless, i.e. the cordless telephone. An instrument that comes to a consumption of about 2.5 watts per hour. By virtue of this it would be very important to disconnect all the wires from the sockets when leaving the house, abandoning that laziness that accompanies so many from this point of view.

It is ours wallet, which in this phase is already languishing due to the deleterious effects left as a dowry by the covid. And if we also put ourselves in with counterproductive actions, the picture can only be catastrophic.


Appliances consume turned

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