Super Cashback: when does the transfer arrive?


Today, November 30, 2021, expires the term within which Consap should disburse i 1.500 euro of the state cashback super prize, but to see the money of the Super Cashback credited to your account, the 100,000 will have to wait. That there might be some delay, on the other hand, had already been understood for a while. But when does the Super Cashback come in?

Only Consap, a public company of the Ministry of Economy of Finance who has to physically click on the “Send bank transfer“. The same Consap, however, which already has put your hands forward with a very brief note published on its institutional website, through which it admits (but without admitting it) to be late. And, at the same time, he also admits that it will be useless to check the current account spasmodically in the next few hours (and probably also in the next few days), because the transfers have not even been made yet. When they are done, obviously, it will take more time before the 1,500 euros are credited to the current accounts indicated through the IO app.

Super Cashback: what Consap says

The note published by Consap on its website is reduced to the bone: 38 words, less than 300 characters, to say that “With regard to the reimbursement of the so-called super cashback, we would like to inform you that the administrative procedures relating to the disbursement of payments due to the entitled parties are in the process of being finalized. Therefore, already in the next few days, Consap will be able to complete the accreditations“.

This means that Consap is late: the “administrative procedures“are not finished, as a result the accreditations have not even started. How long will it take? When will the Super Cashback credits actually be made? The answer is simple, but incomplete and vague: “in the next days“.

Super Cashback: how long to wait

In light of this communication, it seems quite likely that this week will not be the right one: it is still necessary to complete the administrative procedures, then prepare and make the transfers and then it will take the usual ones banking times to credit the money.

At best, then, we get to Monday 6 December. At worst, there is the whole week between 6 and 10 December.

Super Cashback: the angry 100,000

In the forums and, above all, in the Facebook groups where for months the participants of the State Cashback have been meeting the mood spreads. For weeks already, posts from users have been flooding asking if anyone has seen the money, to which they are promptly told to wait until November 30th.

Now that November 30 has arrived, and in light of Consap’s latest communication which still postpones the date of accreditation, the “supercahbackerthey are furious: the typical reaction is that of the user who remembers how punctual and fiscal the State is in asking for the payment of taxes, but how much the State itself takes it easy when instead of collecting it has to pay. Other Super Cashback winners, on the other hand, take it philosophically, with one of them writing: “Be calm by the weekend. Resist a few more days on bread and onion“.

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