it could be in your house

It is one of the most sought-after vintage objects: check carefully at home, if you find this videotape you are really lucky. It is worth a fortune

The world of rare items never ceases to amaze. And to enrich not only enthusiasts and experts in the sector. There are so many that often have unthinkable values. From coins to vinyls, but also other objects that today have ended up in disuse. One of them is one videotape Rare from Walt Disney which has an important value and which could be set aside in the pantry or in the attic among the forgotten objects.

As with so many of these objects that have an important value, this VHS also represents a real fortune worth over 10 thousand euros, which collectors would pay with their eyes closed just to grab it. As it is a true heirloom for anyone who collects objects of this type. But why are there such objects around?

First of all it must be said that it is almost always disused material or at least no longer produced. And the videotapes are now disappeared from circulation replaced by other devices used for viewing high-definition films.

If you find this videotape at home, celebrate

Going back to the value of the Walt Disney videotape, this is a rare item that you could all have in the house. Always if you have not thrown it away thinking it could have no value. Instead, if you have kept it, you have done well because today the value of this object is 12 thousand euros. This is a classic Disney cartoon, specifically of The beauty and the Beast.

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The value obviously is not all the VHS in circulation, but only those of the first version. In addition to this there are other “finds” of the same type. If you find for example Disney’s VHS Cinderella Bambi Alaffin e 101 Dalmatians, also of the first version, you could get a loot of 9 thousand euros.

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Videotapes that read “A Walt Disney Classic” for example are nowhere to be found. Since these are limited finds, the value of these objects is around 20 thousand euros. Then there are many other VHS that have a lower value, again for the first editions, starting from the figure of 4-500 euros to 1000 euros.

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