Supermarkets, may soon disappear: the reason

Unexpected scenario regarding supermarkets which may soon disappear. Here’s what to expect.

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Starting from food, passing through cleaning products for the house, up to small objects of daily use, there are so many things that we can buy at supermarket. In fact, there are several products offered for sale on the shelves, available in various shapes and sizes.

Right here, moreover, we have the opportunity to indulge ourselves, being able to choose between products of the most renowned brands, up to the lesser known ones. Soon, however, we may find ourselves having to change our shopping habits, with many supermarkets that seem destined to disappear. Here’s what to expect.

Supermarkets in Italy, could they soon disappear? Here’s what you need to know

Lately the news of the collective dismissal procedure by Carrefour. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated decision, with the world of supermarkets experiencing a crisis that seems destined not to stop. This is an undoubtedly unexpected scenario, with many who unfortunately risk having to deal with a nightmare.

If all this were not enough, the impact of the Covid it has helped to accelerate some dynamics, already born before. In fact, many consumers have changed their shopping habits, preferring to turn to e-commerce sites, rather than going to physical supermarkets. A process of change that seems destined, in fact, not to stop, with many well-known names who will decide, as some are already doing, to pass the hand.

Many multinationals, in fact, are already there taking a step back, due to the difficulties encountered in being able to respond to specific territorial needs. If you then consider the fact that many decide to invest elsewhere, in order to make the most of their investments, the current situation in the sector is more than evident. Starting from the cost of labor up to the entrepreneurial training often not up to par, there are really various factors to take into consideration.

If we then add the difficult historical moment that we find ourselves living due to Covid and theinflation, here are other reasons why supermarkets seem destined to disappear. The sudden change, in fact, further put many points of sale in difficulty. Precisely in this context, the decision of Carrefour which announced both the closure of stores and a sharp downsizing on the Italian territory.

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Same thing Auchan, and it is no coincidence that Carrefour has merged with Auchan. The reasons why many have decided to leave our country are different for each brand. But one thing, as already said, unites them. That is, after leaving our country they decided to reinvest elsewhere and it is precisely starting from this element that we need to reflect, to understand what is happening to the large-scale distribution sector in Italy.

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