Talent Garden acquires a European business school = 23

Talent Garden acquires a European business school = 23
Talent Garden acquires a European business school = 23

Talent Garden turns 10 and doubles. And it becomes the biggest player in digital education in Europe. Those gardens of talent where to work together, train and connect, born in Brescia in 2011 and arrived in many parts of Europe, are increasingly focusing on digital education.

And today they announce the acquisition of one of the largest European business schools specializing in digital: Hyper Island. A new phase of growth opens for Talent Garden, with more and more core business training. Double the team, reaching 250 employees. Forecasts? 50 million expected revenues in 2022, 20,000 professionals from large companies trained per year, 5,000 students entered the job market with 98% placement rate and more than 4,500 supported startups and digital innovators.

And to manage this new phase of growth comes a new governance. The good news? The new CEO of Talent Garden is a woman: Irene Boni. Davide Dattoli becomes the President and Lorenzo Maternini the Vice President.

Irene, graduated in Political Economy and Masters in Business Administration from Columbia University, began her career in Procter & Gamble and McKinsey & Co. From 2010 to 2019 in YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group, reaching the position of Co-General Manager of the group after an internal career in roles of increasing responsibility.

With the acquisition, Talent Garden becomes the most important reference player forEduTech in Europe. The goal: to offer the largest possible number of people the opportunity to acquire and update the necessary digital skills. Courses for students and professionals (B2C): skilling for students and professionals. Reskilling from 45 and up. For companies (B2B): skilling and reskilling. For B2G: government-subsidized professional courses (TAG is already collaborating with the Danish government which for the first time has “married” the project of a training school in English).

The digital education market is worth 5 billion euros in Europe alone, it is one of the fastest developing sectors.

Davide Dattoli, 31, is considered one of the most influential thirty-year-olds in Europe. With Lorenzo Manterini he created Talent Garden from scratch. The company was born in Brescia on 1 December 2011, when it was not easy to explain even the concept of co-working.

The first time that Dattoli went to the Municipality to explain his project, he was told: “We don’t want a social center”. Today it has opened 23 campuses in 8 countries. The son of entrepreneurs, graduated from high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce which he then left to create his first company dealing with digital marketing. He told our readers in an interview: “Fail fast, think big and build a system.”

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