nightmare landing, how it ends – Libero Quotidiano

nightmare landing, how it ends – Libero Quotidiano
nightmare landing, how it ends – Libero Quotidiano

a Airbus A320neo of the company Easyjet coming from Lanzarote had great difficulties landing at theBristol airport, in Great Britain, due to the very strong gusts of wind caused by the tempesta atlantica Arwen, which in recent days has hit the United Kingdom with power with winds of over 160 kilometers per hour. The video was recorded on November 27, in the midst of the disturbance.

At least three people are mortand Northern Ireland and Northern England, affected, along with north-central England and Wales, by the fury of wind-fueled cold storm Arwen, which also left tens of thousands of people without electricity while different he loves to train They were deleted. The three victims, according to the British media, are three men both hit by trees broken or uprooted by the fury of the winds, one in Antrim, in Northern Ireland, the other in the English county of Cumbria, in the English north-east, the third in the county of Aberdeen.

The wind record was recorded in Northumberland, in the north-west of England. But there are reports of at least 80,000 people without electricity in Scotland, of at least 120 trucks got stuck in the snow in Rochdale, near Manchester, and the media also show trucks overturned on their side by Arwen’s fury. Railway companies in the affected areas have invited passengers to stay home at least until today, Monday 29 November.

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nightmare landing ends Libero Quotidiano

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