Renault AIR4, the ‘flying’ reinterpretation of the iconic 4L

2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the Renault 4L, a model of which they have been sold over 8 million units in more than 100 countries in its 30 years of existence. Much more than a simple car, a real icon. To celebrate the milestone reached, the House launched various initiatives during the year.

And in these days, to end 2021 with a flourish, Renault has decided to collaborate with the design center TheArsenale to create a showcar that offers a futuristic and extravagant retelling of the 4L. What we can say about the historic Renault 4 car (which could also return) is that it was a simple, efficient and versatile vehicle, which was produced between 1961 and 1992. An icon serving families, professional operators, but also of Gendarmerie and Poste.

It is precisely the values ​​and qualities of this car that convinced TheArsenale to collaborate with Renault to reinvent the 4L and make it take the invisible highways above our heads. A real flying car (last year we saw the very first PAL-V Liberty flying), a unique project of its kind. The result is AIR4, and for the House it is unprecedented. Symbol of independence and freedom, to answer the traffic problem, and travel in free space in the sky. AIR4 makes air the path of the future.

The design of Renault’s flying car is the result of TheArsenale’s reinterpretation of the retro icon, far from the classic codes of modern cars. Totally in carbon fiber, the vehicle maintains the same lines and volumes of the original 4L while offering new dynamic performances. The stiffness was revised to include new concepts such as thrust and climb, work that required hours of calculations and testing.

Something unconventional, that the brand wanted to create to round off the 60th anniversary of the 4L, an absolutely innovative flying showcar, which suggests how this icon could be in 60 years. The AIR4 does not need wheels to move, it is equipped with four double propellers. The chassis rests in the center of the structure and the driver can sit in the passenger compartment by lifting the reinvented body of the Renault 4.

The flying car is powered by 22,000 amp-hour lithium-polymer batteries, which generate a power total of about 90,000mAh. The vehicle can reach a maximum horizontal speed of 26 m / s with an inclination of 45 ° during flight and a maximum inclination of 70 °. It can fly up to 700 meters high with a take-off speed of 14 m / s, limited to 4 m / s for safety reasons, and a landing speed of 3 m / s. Finally, the AIR4 offers a maximum vector thrust of 380 kg, which is 95 kg per propeller.

Renault celebrates the historic 4L with the first AIR4 flying car

AIR4 was completely conceived, designed, developed and assembled in France, in the first European technology park of Sophia Antipolis, on the French Riviera. For TheArsenale, the icons of automotive culture are eternal. This vehicle is the division’s first product “ROAD TO AIR” of the team, who believe that the future of the transport network will lie in the air. AIR4 is the fruit of the imagination of Patrice Meignan, General Manager and founder of TheArsenale.

AIR4 is presented to the public starting from today until the end of the year in the heart of Paris, at the Renault Atelier on the Champs Élysées, together with other historic versions of the Renault 4. At the beginning of 2022 it will arrive in Miami and then in New York, before making a stop in Macau.

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