Finally revealed how much it costs to wash dishes in the dishwasher: do you really want to know?

Do you often use the dishwasher at home? You should pay attention to this article. In fact, we will explain to you how much it really costs to wash the dishes in this appliance.

In most of the homes of the Italians there is dishwasher. Household appliance now used by everyone to wash dishes and glasses in the best possible way. If by chance you happen to talk around and say you don’t own one, it turns out that weird. In fact, like the washing machine, it is considered indispensable in the life of Italians.

Do you know how much it costs to wash dishes in the dishwasher?

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But very often, when the bill at the end of the month, we wonder if even the dishwasher can contribute to increasing that final number and above all by how much. Today then we want to find out when it costs to wash dishes in the dishwasher and whether or not it is convenient to use it every day.

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Do you know how much it costs to wash dishes in the dishwasher? Here is the mystery revealed

The first thing to do to understand how much it costs to wash dishes in the dishwasher is to focus on three main elements: water, electricity and detergent. For this we will need to buy:

  • a tank
  • an electricity consumption meter (easily found on the market or on Amazon)
  • liquid detergent (preferable to tablets due to the economic cost)
You’ll want to follow these three tips to find out how much you spend on the dishwasher each day

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Let’s start with the meter of power consumptions which can be connected to the dishwasher and left there for the duration of the wash. The cost is usually 0.22 cent., but it varies for each dishwasher and can be calculated on the final bill or simply by observing this object.

Secondly, let’s deal with the detergent. It is preferable to take the liquid one because it also has the rinse aid in it (it is as if we bought detergent and softener together) and then because with a single bottle we can do 30 washes. Making a rough calculation we will spend about 0.15 cent. to washing.

Finally, let’s move on to tank. If we disassemble the dishwasher drain hose and put it in a jerrycan. In this way we will be able to see how much water we have accumulated and consequently calculate the price per liter. If we assume 15 liters of water consumed, we will pay 0.02 cent.

In the end, doing some calculations, it is much more convenient to use the dishwasher than to wash the dishes by hand.


Finally revealed costs wash dishes dishwasher

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