bad surprise, what you need to know – Libero Quotidiano

bad surprise, what you need to know – Libero Quotidiano
bad surprise, what you need to know – Libero Quotidiano

The right to repair. Marco Camisani Calzolari, tech savvy of Strip the news, launches a new hashtag that will interest all those who, and there are many, have a broken technological device. As many have already tried on their skin, and especially their pockets, it is often better to buy a new device, tablet, laptop, smartphone, rather than having the old damaged one fixed, even if only for one part.

“But now something is finally changing, also thanks to those who have decided to make their voices heard”, explains Camisani Calzolari in the last episode of the satirical news of Canale 5 founded and directed by Antonio Ricci. “Once everything was repaired. If a screen breaks today it is very difficult to have it repaired, the estimate to fix it is almost equivalent to buying a new one. smartphone and breaks the screen, if you try to repair it outside the official channels often or often stop ‘responding’ functions such as facial recognition or the phone no longer works directly. This is because some parts have a unique serial number associated with each individual part. “

The right to repair broken tablets and mobile phones: watch the video of Striscia la Notizia

In the United States from 2022 it will be possible to request individual pieces from the parent company and fix them on their own. A revolution also expected in Europe and Italy. The European Union, to put an end to this problem, has imposed on producers of washing machines, refrigerators and television screens to respect the right to redress. “Unfortunately, however – explains Camisani Calzolari – the European regulation excludes laptops from the law, which are the most frequent to break”. Hence the launch of the new hashtag, because “making yourself heard seems to work”.

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bad surprise Libero Quotidiano

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