here’s what the state doesn’t tell you – Libero Quotidiano

here’s what the state doesn’t tell you – Libero Quotidiano
here’s what the state doesn’t tell you – Libero Quotidiano

The car tax does not always have to be paid even if formally required. There are in fact cases in which the car tax can be avoided. Let’s see in particular when we can not pay the hated tax.

According to reports the newspaper, for example, there just needs to be a small procedural error inside the tax notice to be exempt from payment. In fact, the road tax is canceled and the motorist to whom the vehicle is registered does not have to pay the ownership tax even if he should have done so. In this particular case, the Revenue Agency is not able to notify the folder “if the taxpayer has not first received the tax assessment”.

And it is possible not to pay the tax if they are in the tax bill grouped in a single voice the amount to be paid they interests accumulated. In this case, the payment request and any reminders have no value and that folder is considered null. But be careful, because the‘annulment of the car tax is not automatic but is established by the Provincial Tax Commission to which you must still contact.

You do not have to pay the amount for the stamp then “if the payment request he comes shipped after December 31st of the third year following to the one in which the passage to the cash desk was foreseen. “The payment of the ownership tax in fact follows a schedule of pre-established deadlines and is carried out annually before the last day of the month following the deadline.

Finally, the owner of the vehicle can use the prescription of the stamp even if the folder is not automatically deleted. So also in this case, or if the Tax Office notifies the folder after the 3 years required by law, and the motorist is no longer required to pay anything, it will still be necessary to appeal to the Provincial Tax Commission.

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