Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Collapse | What happens on the markets? [ANALISI]

What is happening in the cryptocurrency markets? Bitcoin, Ethereum and in general all the major cryptocurrencies in the industry are in deep red, in a Friday of fear whose end does not seem to be near at all.

It could be quiet soon – or keep dancing in anticipation of the American markets. The fact is that the Black Friday is turning into a Red Friday for the crypto world – a situation that will also have to be analyzed to understand its potential significance.

Panic on the markets – which also comes to cryptocurrencies

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COVID hits the markets again – the first analysis

Not just the market of Bitcoin, but also the markets equity most relevant in the world. The bags European they opened the morning in deep red, with FTSE MIB which is almost 3 points below as we write and EUROSTOXX 50 even further down. Although the American stock exchanges are still closed, a surge in those parts is also expected, with the futures su S&P 500 which are also in sharp decline.

The latest parallel sell offs between S&P 500 and $ BTC

Triggering this fear in the markets – which have been in for weeks now fine skin the news coming from the COVID front, with a battle against the virus that seems to be still far from the final solution. Fourth wave striking again and new variants that have been discovered in South Africa are behind this sell off much of the market equity how much of that of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is a safe haven, but gold is also almost at a standstill

Reading the markets at a time of extreme monetary expansion and uncertainty is becoming more material for fortune-tellers than for analysts. In such a situation one might have expected a strong growth of theoro, which was not the case. Gold is gaining yes, but just over 1%.

Bitcoin instead it is in free fall, although there seem to be some good supports just below the 55.000$, price towards which $ BTC has been attracted several times in the last few hours. A situation, we repeat, of very difficult reading. The only certain thing at the moment is that the volatility it will drag on at least until the opening of the American stock exchanges. And in the event that the panic had already been taken for granted, there would be the possibility of a prompt return on price levels more congruent.

For those who have invested in cryptocurrencies, this is no time for fear

Sorry yes, why BTC and the other major cryptocurrencies seemed to be able to travel very fast to new ones record – with the ride that was interrupted by exogenous events which hit all markets (or almost) in unison.

the cryptovalute do they lose value compared to stocks? It is the mirror image of when there is a generalized bull run, because in those cases they are always there cryptovalute to record greater strokes.

There will be a need for a lot of calm, panic management and the passage of this umpteenth storm on the markets. Storm that for many can also be a good opportunity for short-term trades. With Capital.comgo here to get the free demo account with unlimited virtual capital – intermediary offering both MetaTrader 4 is TradingView for the management of their orders.

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