Tax deductions, if you buy a house you get a refund: how to do it

There are advantageous tax deductions that allow us to amortize our expenses. And the one in question is one of the least known.

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Tax deductions, an advantage that is brought about by the numerous types of bonuses that can be used most of the time. There are many different types, but some savings or repayment possibilities are less known than others.

In fact, there are not a few taxpayers who are not aware of some tax deductions able to make a nice saving on what is the annual tax return. The presentation of the same can yield a discount in this sense, if it falls within the category of the requested situation.

And the relief obtained amounts to a figure very close to 200 euros every year. Not to mention that, among the possible tax deductions, there is the one concerning brokerage costs in the event that you proceed with the purchase of a house.

Tax deductions, how to obtain the refund in question

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This applies in the event that the intercession work of a real estate agency is used. It is therefore possible to take advantage of a mattress with a 19% personal income tax deduction, for a maximum annual cost of one thousand euros. And hence this deduction amounts to 190 euros.

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The tax return is required to obtain this reimbursement as the precise amount of the amount spent must be reported. It should also be said that, to take advantage of this economic return, it is mandatory that the house purchased is used as a main residence, otherwise it will be incompatible.

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And there are two ways to be able to indicate this: either you submit a self-certification to that effect or you need to verify that our new home is already present in the registry records. However, it should not be forgotten that there are a great variety of other subsidies provided by the Government, some of which are also about to expire.


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