Volkswagen T-Roc restyled and all competing compact SUVs

Volkswagen T-Roc restyled and all competing compact SUVs
Volkswagen T-Roc restyled and all competing compact SUVs

The Volkswagen T-Roc it has been renewed in aesthetics, interiors and equipment after 4 years from its debut and with over one million units sold between Europe and China. An inevitable mid-career makeover to keep the look and gear of one of the cool SUV most appreciated of the Old Continent.

Also because, in this segment, the competition it has to face has always been very fierce. But what are the main ones rivals of the Volkswagen T-Roc? Let’s find out and analyze them in detail, starting with the best-selling compact SUVs in Italy.

Jeep Renegade

Equipped with more “boxy” shapes than the T-Roc, the Jeep Renegade has dimensions very similar to the competitor signed by Volkswagen. 4.24 meters long and 1.81 meters wide, it has unique characteristics among all the competitors, such as the presence of a powertrain all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid and a set-up (the Trailhawk) designed for off-road driving.

Speaking of engines, the 1.0 T3 and 1.3 T4 petrol engines with 120 and 150 HP, the 1.6 diesel with 130 HP and the aforementioned 4xe plug-in hybrids are available in the two power levels of 190 and 240 HP. The price list is between 24,900 euros for the 1.0 T3 petrol Longitude and 43,500 euros for the 240 HP PHEV 4xe.

Jeep Renegade 4xe

Fiat 500X

Built on the same platform as the Renegade, the 500X offers a more “urban” look than the Jeep. The numerous fittings they are able to radically change the “personality” of the Italian SUV, from the more sober Cult and Cross to the more complete Sport, without forgetting the well-kept Dolcevita and Yacht Club Capri.

The load capacity is similar to that of the Renegade and is between 350 and 1,000 liters. You can choose the petrol versions 1.0 T3 with 120 bhp and 1.3 T4 with 150 bhp or the diesel 1.3 Multijet with 95 bhp and 1.6 Multijet with 130 bhp with prices between 22,000 euros and 34,500 euros.

Fiat 500X Connect

Renault Captur

The second generation of the Renault Captur debuted in 2019 with more mature proportions and dimensions. Thanks to 4.23 meters in length (+11 cm compared to the previous model), the minimum boot capacity has risen to 536 liters (up to 1,275 liters when the rear seats are folded down).

The choice of engines. The 90 bhp 1.0 petrol engines, the 145 bhp petrol full hybrid, the 160 bhp plug-in hybrid and the 100 bhp LPG are available with prices ranging from 21,000 euros to 35,000 euros.

Renault Captur E-Tech Hybrid

Ford Puma

The Puma has slightly more compact proportions than the T-Roc (it is 4.21m long), but it makes good use of the available space. The trunk, in fact, it is at the top of its category thanks to the 523 liters of minimum capacity.

The list includes 125 and 155 HP mild hybrid petrol engines, 120 HP diesel and the sports car ST from 200 hp. Prices start at around 23,000 euros for the 125 bhp 1.0 Ecoboost Hybrid up to almost 32,000 euros for the 155 bhp version in the rich Vignale set-up. At the top is the aforementioned ST which starts at 33,000 euros.

Ford Puma

Peugeot 2008

Sharp and charismatic in look, at 4.30 meters in length, the Peugeot 2008 is one of the biggest of the rivals from the T-Roc. Refurbished to the last bolt in 2019, it has a cutting-edge and technological interior and a well-usable trunk with a minimum capacity of 434 liters and a maximum of 1,200 liters.

Peugeot 2008

The 2008 can be ordered in the 1.2 petrol versions with 101, 131 and 155 hp, 1.5 diesel with 110 and 131 hp ed 136 hp electric, with the latter promising over 300 km of autonomy. The price list starts at 22,700 euros for the 101 bhp 1.2 turbo and reaches 44,000 euros for the electric e-2008 with GT Pack.

Template Length Luggage compartment min / max Engines Base price / Model
Volkswagen T-Roc 4.24 meters 445/1.290 Gasoline / Diesel 25.500 / 1.0 110 CV benzina Style
Jeep Renegade 4.24 meters 351/1.297 Benzina / Diesel / PHEV 24.900 / 1.0 120 HP petrol Longitude version
Fiat 500X 4,26 350/1.000 Gasoline / Diesel 22.100 / 1.0 120 HP petrol Cult version
Renault Captur 4,23 536/1.275 Benzina / Diesel / Ibrido / PHEV 21.400 / 1.0 90 petrol Zen set up
Ford Puma 4,21 523/1.216 Benzina/Diesel/Mild hybrid 23.400 / 1.0 125 HP mild hybrid petrol version Titanium
Peugeot 2008 4,38 434/1.200 Petrol / Electric 22.700 / 1.2 101 HP petrol Active version

The others

Of course, the B-SUV segment is very broad and really includes many other possible rivals for the T-Roc. Using dimensions and prices as a common denominator and widening the look a little beyond the sales ranking, the following models can also be considered:

Template Length Luggage compartment min / max Engines Base price
Dacia Duster 4,34 445/1.623 Gasoline / diesel / LPG 13.350
Citroen C3 Aircross 4,16 410/1.289 Gasoline / diesel 20.100
Opel Crossland 4,23 410/1.255 Gasoline / diesel 21.100
Ford Ecosport 4,33 356/1.238 Gasoline / diesel 20.500
Seat Arona 4,15 400/1.100 Petrol / methane 19.100
Hyundai Kona 4,21 361/1.143 Petrol / diesel / mild hybrid / full hybrid / electric 22.000
Suzuki Vitara 4,17 375/- mild hybrid 24.000
Nissan Juke 4,21 422/1.305 Gas 20.000
Skoda Kamiq 4,24 400/1.395 Petrol / methane 22.400

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