Cardano is on the right track

To surprise Charles Hoskinson, the leader of the project Cardano, gives to his own fan and ai interested in the protocol a BUT a surprise its Youtube, which was an interesting theater for questions asked directly by users.

Questions also aimed at restore calm during a phase not exactly positive for $ADA, with the token that lost i 2$ threshold and would seem to have a hard time recovering it.

Charles Hoskinson returns to talk about Cardano in a special AMA

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Charles Hoskinson’s AMA: full video and summary

Charles Hoskinson it came as a surprise on YouTube yesterday afternoon, immediately gathering the public of the great occasions, given the huge following that the leader of Cardano can boast. The full video ofBUT it’s here. While then we will proceed to a summary of the most interesting questions and answers.

Surprise AMA from the ADA boss

One of the listeners’ first questions concerned the large group of detractors of cryptocurrency. Hoskinson answered as always, halfway between irony and piquancy, underlining that a cryptocurrency such as Cardano it is little sexy, because it is based on science and mechanisms peer review.

With a dig even for Michael Novogratz, notoriously a major detractor – as well as a billionaire investor also in the crypto sector. “Everyone must advertise what they have invested in”, cutting short on the umpteenth controversy.

Do not put your emotions too much into these events. Each “pulls water to his mill”.

  • What happened to the third fork

It was intended for November 2021, but as reported by Hoskinson it was actually moved to the next February. The cause? Excessive movement on exchanges and also the need for the team to take a break in a year that has been full of news for the protocol.

  • Friendship with Vitalik Buterin

One could only speak of Ethereum at some point in theBUT with Cardano e $ ETH which remain two systems, at least for i fan, extremely adverse. To the question Are you and Vitalik good friends?, Hoskinson replied:

No, I wouldn’t say we’re good friends. Regardless of what the press writes, however, I have no resentment towards him. […] I honestly don’t think he cares much about me. […] The crypto media have made it very popular. I admit he has a great brand and has built an ecosystem worth $ 500 billion.

Perhaps the most interesting point however is perhaps what concerns the possibility of restrictions in terms of read to the world of decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies. Charles Hoskinson confirmed that, regardless of the nature of the regulations, Cardano $ADA is ready to implement what is necessary. This would give it an undoubted advantage over several competitors.

The waiting that mounts shouldn’t belong to Cardano

All this within a week of further difficulty for the ecosystem of Cardano, with the cryptocurrency it has lost quota 2$ and is currently trading just above 1,80$.

With prices in discount it is more than natural that you mount discontent – even if we consider it highly unjustified at least for now. We are in fact facing a protocol that has always taken its time for introduce some news, also because he has chosen to submit to peer review any kind of novelty introduced in its protocol. This is the modus operandi which led Cardano at its current listing – challenge it today only because thehype it has faded a little and continues to seem rather absurd.

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