Rai license fee, backlog sting: what can happen

What happens if the RAI license fee is not paid for several consecutive years? Is there a risk of arrears? Let’s find out together


The Rai Fee is one of the most hated taxes and escaped by Italians over the years. In fact, many Italians do not consider it right to pay the tax that, since 2016, was inserted directly into the electricity bill.

To insert the amount of the fee in the bill was the Renzi government: in this way the evasion of the payment of the tax has been greatly reduced but, despite this, there is still someone who in one way or another manages not to pay. But what are the risks of those who do not pay the Rai license fee and is there a risk of arrears?

RAI license fee and arrears, what happens

Rai license fee

For those who they evade the Rai license fee are provided sanctions severe from the point of view administrative. In fact, quite high economic sanctions are foreseen since those who do not pay it commits a offense by declaring falsehood, or not to have a TV at home or any other device suitable or adaptable to the reception of TV programs.

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Since 2016, the law assumes that every person who has an electricity supply contract is also the owner of a television. The only way not to pay for it is car declaring to be in one of the cases of exemption provided by law.

Anyone who does not pay the fee because falsely declares to be exempt runs the risk imprisonment of up to two years and an economic sanction ranging from 200 to 600 euros, in addition toobligation to pay all arrears plus interest. It hardly needs to be remembered that the statute of limitations for the Rai license fee is ten years.

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As regards, therefore, the non-payment of the fees relating to previous years, if a subscriber has never paid the fee, even in the presence of specific reminders received to that effect from the inspection bodies, in addition to the relative sanction he can be payment of up to ten annuities has been ordered, according to the ordinary limitation period.

Those who, in addition to not paying the fee, also default on the subsequent economic sanction will be able to see each other also foreclosed on their bank account. The State can in fact also proceed coercively, that is, giving rise to a real forced execution, complete with foreclosure of the salary or savings.

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