MV Agusta amazes customers: the new “Serie Oro” will cost less than 1,000 euros

MV Agusta is preparing for the arrival of the EICMA in style and with many new features. As for motorcycles, the Lucky Explorer Project should be unveiled in homage to the legendary Cagiva Elefant for off-road. In addition to this, another adventure vehicle from the Italian company will also arrive.

However, the company was not satisfied with the motorcycle market and for the first time threw itself into that of the electric scooters. In fact, the new was unveiledo Rapido Gold Series of the MV Agusta, with a decidedly motorcycle look and not much like a scooter.

Rapido Gold Series (

The Italian brand even defines it as e-scooter, with decades of company innovation and style all combined to produce the Rapido Serie Oro. To be able to buy it, up at Christmas and when stocks last the price is 849 euros, while then it will cost 999 euro. At the time of the article it can only be purchased online.

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Rapido Serie Oro, features

As mentioned, the Rapido Serie Oro by MV Agusta brings together all the style and innovation of the Italian house, united to the electric motorizationTo. He motor in fact it has a power of 500 W with 24 Nm of torque, which allows you to climb steep ascents and also go to 40 Km/h, even if the maximum in Europe it is 25.

Rapido Gold Series (
Rapido Gold Series (

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Regard autonomy, it is of circa 50 Km which allows you not to completely recharge the vehicle. In this case, the recharge would still take place in just 5 hours. In addition, they are featured on the Rapido Serie Oro ben 4 different driving modes.

Finally, the MV Agusta scooter has as well a 4-inch LCD screen which allows you to control the vehicle while we are driving through the speedometer. Obviously, there is the function that allows you to connect it smartphone.

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