Here is the camper that costs less than 7 thousand euros, and is the definitive turning point

Here is the camper that costs less than 7 thousand euros, and is the definitive turning point
Here is the camper that costs less than 7 thousand euros, and is the definitive turning point

There are so many camperized mini-vans that you could spend whole days seeing the details, the various technical characteristics, but also the prices of the various models that vary from year to year, but sometimes you need to make decisions quickly so it’s the case to speak of one of the best. Indeed, the best you can get by paying for it as much as a scooter. Less than seven thousand euros.

In a video that is circulating a lot on Youtube, you can take a real tour of a 2012 Ford Transit motorized in a simple, functional way and with very few expenses. There is a small kitchen, the two front seats remain comfortable and with plenty of space to be accommodated or laid back. But the beauty is that there is a real sofa bed that can be obtained in a few minutes, with a system of slats that, if necessary, overlap.

The beauty is that the Transit, from the outside, remains a normal Ford van: the kind we see every day in the city or in the country where we live. In short, a normal vehicle. And this is an advantage: such a popular car can be found very easily even second-hand. And it is not a detail to be overlooked.

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We said about the video: the tour shows the details of the mini-camper: you sleep, you can eat or play cards inside and all without the shape of the van having been changed in any way. And this is the second advantage: from the outside, that it is a camper, you can’t see it. Just darken the windows and it will look like a normal car. which allows us to sleep almost everywhere, while traveling.

But let’s get to the point, the Transit costs very little. The 2012 model (the one seen in the video above) costs around 6 thousand euros. And, as we said a little while ago, it is very easily found in the second-hand market.

For those who are in love with the Transit, but do not have the time or the desire to camperize it, well, Ford will take care of it. The Transit is also on sale in mini camper format. The price is obviously higher, but it remains one of the best mini-campers around for value for money. The advantages include the sunroof, which allows you to stand up inside, but also the extendable veranda and a very comfortable kitchen.

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