Ftse Mib: real correction awaited. ENI and Saipem buy or sell?

Below is the interview on the Ftse Mib index and on some of the blue chips listed on Piazza Affari, with questions addressed to Roberto Scudeletti, independent trader and owner of the website www.prtrading.it.

The Ftse Mib initially lost ground last week, only to get back on top. What are the expectations for the next sessions?

The trend of the last eighth formed a candle of uncertainty in Piazza Affari, after a previous week of strong rise, increasing expectations for a real correction of the Ftse Mib for the next sessions.

In the short term, therefore, below the 12-period daily average at 27,410 points, we will be able to witness a descent of a corrective character for the Ftse Mib at the moment.

There is room for the 24-period daily average at 26,940 points and a possible negative extension on static supports of the previous maximums in the area of ​​26,688-26,575 points, before a landing on the dual daily and weekly levels at 26,380-26,350 and 25,950 points which they should encourage a prompt return to courses.

Vice versa, obviously only above the relative maximum for the period at 27,867 points will we be able to see a continuation of the current uptrend, on weekly and monthly targets, first around 28 thousand-28.100 points and then towards the 28.330-28.590 points zone.

On Friday ENI showed more weakness than Saipem. What strategies can you suggest for these two titles?

ENI made a lateral movement, with a correction followed by a first relative maximum, yet another descent and the recent bullish surge, with this small correction, on the failure to exceed the period highs.

In fact, after a roller coaster between about 10.70 and 9.35 euros, the stock broke the delay, with a first rise just under 11.20 euros, a descent to 10.33 euros, shot just above 12.80 euros and current corrective phase around € 12.60-12.45.

Above 12.65 euros, for those who do not want to stay at the window, a continuation of the bullish scenario for ENI is possible, with supports at 12.07-11.78 euros and resistances at 13.50-14.16 euros.

In the short-medium term, Saipem is fluctuating in a substantially lateral movement, albeit significant in percentage terms, with a double top, a current double rising bottom and the price that seems to hold up the first daily support, for a possible rise.

In practice, on the double top around 2.27 euro circam we have witnessed a rapid decline, with the formation of a second short minimum rising just below 1.90 euro and this attempt to recover above the 12-period daily average in the area 2-1,95 euros approximately.

A new rise will be expressed by Saipem only after exceeding € 1.98, with supports at € 1.886 and € 1.84 and resistances at € 2.19 and € 2.32.

What information can you provide us for two insurance companies such as Generali and Unipol in light of the third quarter accounts?

Generali, after a short-term corrective phase and the holding of an important static level, has started the upward march, with a very recent relative maximum, however not confirmed at the end, and followed by a very small correction, waiting for a new decisive direction.

In fact, after the drop just below 18 euros and the holding of 16 euros, Generali has embarked on a decisive bullish leg, with a recent high of 19.345 euros and a current phase of uncertainty around 19.19-19 euros.

Above 19.20 euros we could see a new bullish impulse for Generali, with supports at 18.62 and 18.33 euros and resistances at 20.15 and 20.7 euros.

Unipol reaches a first relative maximum, corrects with stability at the end of an important daily support, forms a double top that seems to stop its rise, instead it breaks everything upwards, forming a new recent high, with the current further phase of lower uncertainty.

In fact, after having faked the bullish break of the 5 euro in May, Unipol has performed a descent around the daily average for 200 periods to 4.23-4.18 euro, with a continuous rise up to almost 5.30 euro and a present decline. approximately € 4.92-5.05 in the area.

New positive scenarios will arise for Unipol above € 5.06, with supports at € 4.88 and € 4.79 and resistances at € 5.31-5.53.

What titles are you following most closely at this stage? Which ones do you recommend to look at now?


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