ATMs, withdrawing will be less and less convenient: price increases in 2022

ATMs, withdrawing will be less and less convenient: price increases in 2022
ATMs, withdrawing will be less and less convenient: price increases in 2022

Making withdrawals of money from ATMs may be less and less convenient and this is due to the reform of the company Bancomat Spa which proposes, among other things, a change in the cost of commissions.

The reform of the Bancomat Spa company

By virtue of an agreement that identifies the cost of withdrawal as 0.50 euro cents, the cost of keeping a current account today includes the costs of withdrawals at all branches belonging to the ATM circuit. A cost that, in fact, several banks do not charge their customers. But now the reform of the Bancomat Spa company is envisaged, which would propose to change the cost with a commission that depends on the Bank that owns the ATM. So, when you withdraw money from a different credit institution than the one who is carrying out the operation, you risk paying the commission and not knowing how much the price is.

Bancomat, when the reform is triggered

The Agcm has already intervened on the matter and has started an investigation and the decision that was expected for 2021 has been postponed. The possible entry into use of the new commissions is in fact scheduled for April 2022. Bancomat spa has however communicated its intention to change the original reform by introducing a maximum ceiling on commissions. Who will be penalized is the account holder of banks with few branches or those who have relationships with online banks. At the moment, however, everything remains unchanged, pending the entry into force of the reform.

The closure of banks and ATMs

Furthermore, the closure of the bank branches has made it increasingly difficult to withdraw, especially in the smaller or isolated municipalities of the Peninsula. Situation that creates many problems especially for the elderly and frail and that would lead with this type of reform also possible not indifferent economic outlays. The problem of the lack of ATMs seemed to be able to be stemmed with the introduction and spread of ATMs (automatic hatches) which in recent years have been created in shopping centers, supermarkets and other public places, but the pandemic has been assisted also to a downsizing of the number of ATMs as well.

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ATMs withdrawing convenient price increases

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