$ 1.25 million ETH on Kraken | Sell ​​off risk? Let’s find out together

Ethereum mega transfer back the exchange Kraken, which has alarmed almost all investors – or at least those who most closely follow the world of this cryptocurrency and want to get shelter from any sell-off.

If a sell off of these proportions were ready – with beyond 1 million ETH tokens available for sale – it would be one of the biggest hits priced at Ethereum. But in all likelihood – and we’ll explain why throughout this guide, it’s none of that.

Big sell off? No, reorganization shift

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1,250,000 Ethereum arrives on Kraken – here’s what’s happening

Who follows the alert on the great movements of cryptovalute he must have gotten a little anxious about recording 5 movements gives 250.000 Ethereum each, a sum that at current market prices exceeds 5 billion dollars. A huge amount of tokens, which have taken, at least according to the alert services, the direction of Kraken, an exchange which, among other things, is often used for the sell off or in any case for important sales.

Cause for concern? No because going to sift through Etherescan we can see that actually i target portfolios reputed to be at the head of Kraken, which would suggest, at least for the moment, an internal reorganization of the wallet. The danger therefore escaped, with the markets that did not react in any way to these 5 huge transactions, which are there for all to see as, we remember, the transactions on the network Ethereum they are actually visible to all.

For the moment, no Ethereum sell off worries

We must also resort to a certain rationality, even in the face of events of this type, which are important but could never have this form in case of sell off. We would in fact be faced with a very rash move by the holder of this huge sum of Ethereum, a sum that already during the sale would push the price of the token very low.

A strategy of sale that it would make no sense on the part of those who would like, if they really want to, get rid of a quantity of $ ETH capable of literally flooding the market.

Danger returned: always be careful to be influenced by movements on the blockchain

Sell-offs hardly give an advance on the blockchain. They prepare with time and usually with multiple transactions. During operations like this, being as less visible as possible is a must – and we believe that anyone in possession of such a quantity of cryptovalute he would hardly know how to operate in the most convenient way for himself and his capital.

Also beware of those who formulate narratives of doom starting from data of this type. The movements on the blockchain they are indeed interesting, but are now used more and more often to create smoke on the actual trend of the market. It is always better to rely on other types of analysis.


million ETH Kraken Sell risk Lets find

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