what happened to the woman who denounced – Libero Quotidiano

what happened to the woman who denounced – Libero Quotidiano
what happened to the woman who denounced – Libero Quotidiano

He had reported several errors in vaccine trials Pfizer in phase three, before their final approval. Now Brook Jackson, which due to his statements on 5 November made the pharmaceutical giant BionTech-Pfizer lose 20% of the stock market, is no longer a manager within Ventavia, the research center for which he worked, and which supported Pfizer in the experiments. She was fired. Heard from Everyday occurrence, he said: “I reported my concerns to the FDA at the end of September 2020. At the time, it is true, there were about a thousand subjects enrolled in the trial. But Ventavia, despite my complaints of irregularities, he continued to enlist even after “.

Then he continued: “And anyway, even if only those thousand volunteers, they were exposed to unreasonable risks, due, for example, to inconsistencies in the labeling of the vaccine for the group of treated subjects and for the placebo group, or to poor storage of the serum due to the temperature range to which the vials were subjected “. Regarding his dismissal, however, he said: “It was a Friday, but I was working from home because my son was sick. I spent all morning answering emails, after a few hours the computer asks me to re-enter my password, because I had been disconnected“.

The company would have called her and told her she was not “suitable” for the position she held. After the complaint made to the FDA, however, he said: “Inspector Banu Kannon of Cber called me. For more than an hour we discussed my report on the phone. Then, silence. My complaints have not been followed up“But she seems to be going straight on her way:” I find it worrying that only 9 out of 153 test sites have been inspected. Control is a structural problem “. Returning to the dismissal, finally, he added: “I think it was one retaliation. Today there is no good atmosphere for those who criticize or express perplexity “.

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happened woman denounced Libero Quotidiano

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