Model 770 alerts, report correct data with Civis? It is not possible

Model 770 alerts, report correct data with Civis? It is not possible
Model 770 alerts, report correct data with Civis? It is not possible

Model 770 notices coming due to inconsistencies on payments: relying on Civis to report the correct data would be the simplest way, but it is not possible. And the lack of simplification has a high cost.

In recent months with the reboot of notifications of folders and good-natured notices the needs of users to discuss with the offices for clarifications and any possible ones are growing again disputes of the charges. Hence the story of an incomprehensible “calvary”.

In particular, by sending the notices of irregularities concerning the model 770 relating to the year 2017, several taxpayers were notified of charges regarding payments in reality carried out, but not found by automatic controls carried out by the financial offices.

the possible reasons there are two:

  • the model shows a payment date different from the actual one;
  • a repentance not reported in the model itself.

Hence the need for report the incongruity so that the correct data of the payment made crossing the resulting data in the list of payments, which can be consulted by the taxpayer in his own tax drawer, and attributing it to the mistakenly deemed not to have been paid indicated in the model presented.

Model 770 warnings: Civis cannot be used to report correct data

For several years now theRevenue Agency has made available to the taxpayers and gods authorized tax intermediary consultants IT tools to make appointments, to book waiting tickets for the same day or even remote communication tools such as civilians.

In particular, the channel has the objective of lighten your workloads of the front desk of the local offices of the Agency and in various other situations it has been found to be very useful, such as for correcting compilation errors of the F24 forms.

It should be remembered that, despite the positive effects of the vaccination campaign and the introduction of the Green Pass on the workloads of hospitals, our country is still in declared a state of emergency by Covid 19 and is struggling with one world pandemic, which in recent months has been experiencing a resurgence phase with contagions on the rise again, a symptom of a fourth wave at the gates and a disease not yet eradicated.

Also taking into account this non-secondary health aspect, the optimal choice to intervene in the event of warnings concerning the model 770 it might just be the one to use civilians.

Unfortunately, from what I understand having been informed of the various reports of colleagues dealing with similar cases and from what I have had the opportunity to personally encounter following the practice of a client company, it is not possible to resolve the issue using this tool.

770 model notices, it is impossible to use Civis to report corrections: how much does the lack of simplification cost?

More specifically, for the case followed in person, indicating the payment dates inferred from fiscal drawer of the taxpayer following the reporting of the inconsistency on the data of the model 770, the customer communicates that he receives an outcome that can be summarized in this sentence:

“Application rejected due to lack of documentation, contact the Agency’s counters”.

Observed that:

  • the instrument civilians incomprehensibly it does not allow you to attach any files, if not, for example, when it is used to present documentation required following formal controls 36 / ter;
  • l’indication of the date of payment derived from fiscal drawer and therefore already stored in the Revenue Agency database alone should overcome theimpasse referred to in the previous point;
  • as of 11 November it was impossible to make an appointment in one of the 7 branch offices inside the Municipality of Rome.

I got to read the testimony “Mockery” of a colleague who, obtained the “miraculous” the appointment was asked by the front office clerk: “Why didn’t you use Civis?”

It would take very little.

An implementation of the protocols used by the personnel employed in Civis, or even the only one proactive behavior of the public employee behind the terminal could have solved a problem with a couple of clicks that would instead lead to increased city traffic, hours stolen from production activities, printing of paper documentation to be presented at the counter, possible COVID risk contacts, the working time of the public employee concerned who is consequently subtracted from other tasks and therefore slowdown of other perhaps more important practices.

Multiply the case for all analogous situations and try to calculate the negative effects on some of the central themes recent G20 of Rome e COP26 in Glasgow such as traffic, GDP reduction, pollution, health risk, without forgetting the consequent ones negative effects on public finances.

It is not necessary to wait for the Reforms, i funds of the PNRR or whatever, a parallel action of small practical steps to simplify the daily life of taxpayers and businesses and bring citizens closer to the institutions.

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