Company from Rimini goes to Forlì, is the war of the skies breaking out again? Fellini is now asking for a penalty of 100 thousand euros

A war front opens between the airports of Forlì and Rimini. What had been feared as a form of competition not to be repeated, according to a note from the Rimini airport, in reality would have occurred with Forlì. The arrival of Albawings in Forlì with the flight to Tirana for the “Fellini” has the flavor of theft. This was stated in a note, which explains that it has activated a compensation action against the Albanian company. Thus the note from Airiminum: “Following the decision of Albawings to interrupt flights from the Fellini airport, pursuant to the contract signed on 11/11/2019 with expiration of 1/11/2023, a penalty of approximately 100 thousand has accrued euro in favor of Airhandlings srl as compensation for the commercial investments made in recent years for the consolidation of the route between Tirana and Romagna. This situation was notified to the company today by AIRiminum’s trusted law firm in Milan “.

The Albanian company, which arrived in Romagna for the first time in 2016, generated approximately 117,000 passengers at the Fellini airport (annual average of approximately 30,000 passengers). The flights, interrupted in September 2020 due to Covid restrictions, as indicated by Airiminum should have restarted at the end of October 2021 and the related tickets were put on sale on the company’s web platform until 5 October 2021. Subsequently, they were canceled and, on November 5, 2021, the company announced that it would pick them up at another airport about 50 kilometers from the Fellini starting from December 16. Last week Albawings announced the departure of the new air route from Forlì to Tirana.

The Fellini management company comments: “This decision was unexpected considering that, as has already happened in the past, to meet the company – burdened, like the whole tourism and air sector, by the effects of the Covid pandemic – on 25 February 2021, with an amendment to the current contract, it was decided to grant the company the total elimination of the costs for the handling service for the whole of 2021. This initiative undertaken by AIRiminum, as well as protecting the growth process of a strategic infrastructure of the entire Romagna Riviera (currently slowed down only as a result of the restrictions due to Covid), has the precise purpose of strengthening that strategic process of internationalization and the level of mobility and accessibility to the territory that has been involved for some time now the main economic and institutions of the Romagna coastal context; strategic objectives, these, which cannot disregard aer infrastructures efficient operations, managed by companies with solid business models and clear industrial projects, which are above all sustainable from an economic and financial point of view “.


Company Rimini Forlì war skies breaking Fellini penalty thousand euros

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