Maxi VAT evasion on fuels, 68-year-old investigator from Treviso

The officials of the Perugia Customs Agency have discovered a maxi VAT evasion for over 7 million euros by a Roman company supplier of large quantities of fuel also destined for Umbria. The company acted as a paper mill or legal entity interposed between Community suppliers (Czech Republic) and Italian companies (customers), carrying out a series of illegal behaviors that allowed the directors to evade the gigantic amount of tax. During the checks, the Adm officials of Perugia ascertained that the Roman company had not made payments since 2014 and had not submitted returns since 2017; thanks to the cross-checks, carried out using the information systems and databases in use, they were also able to reconstruct the modus operandi of company managed by a 68-year-old man from Treviso and resident in the province of Teramo who took over in 2018 from a woman from Switzerland.

The list of administrative offenses is long: unfaithful VAT returns, issue of invoices for subjectively non-existent transactions, false declarations of intent (with which the status of habitual exporter was falsely declared in order not to advance VAT to suppliers) and omitted VAT declarations. The fuel trade is estimated to have involved supplies of over 21 million liters of gasoline and diesel. Right now the Anti-Fraud Service of the Adm Office of Perugia is notifying the findings to the head of the Roman company who, in addition to the 7.1 million euros of VAT evaded, are being challenged with penalties ranging from a minimum of 12.6 million to a maximum of 25.2 million euros. Since the beginning of the year, the taxes not paid to the tax authorities have amounted to more than 151 million euros and have been ascertained by the Adm officials of Perugia who maintain a high level of supervision and supervision in their area of ​​competence in combating such criminal phenomena.


Maxi VAT evasion fuels #68yearold investigator Treviso

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