Lancia Delta 2028, there is confirmation: the advances

Luca Napolitano, ceo of Lancia, confirms in an interview released to the specialized magazine Automotive News Europe the indiscretions published by Quattroruote on 11 October 2021: from 2024 to 2028, the range will be divided into three models (all new), including a reinterpretation of the myth of Delta.

It will be hatchback hatchback. In that service, our designer, Marcelo Poblete, had imagined it as a sporty crossover, closer to a raised sedan than an SUV, with contemporary lines and some stylistic suggestions of the original 1979 model, especially in the characteristic shape of the pillar. C. Napolitano, in an interview with the American magazine, generically defines it as a hatchback, that is, with a two-volume sedan body. Date of arrival, 2028. The new Delta will, in fact, be the last of the three models to begin.

Crossover al top. The other two products, as we had written, are the heir of the Ypsilon (the first to arrive, in 2024), as well as the only one to be offered also with endothermic engines (the basis is the Cmp platform of the former PSA group); then, in 2026, it will be the turn of a flagship. Speaking of the latter, the CEO of Lancia revealed that it will be a “compact crossover”. Clearly, said this, it seems to contradict the idea of ​​a flagship. In reality, that “compact” is to be understood more in the American style and therefore alludes to a medium-large sized vehicle with high wheels. Presumably, around 4 meters and 60 centimeters. Internally, the car is known as Aurelia and it is not entirely excluded that it retains this name even in the production version.

Industrial synergies. Of course, the key to relaunching the glorious Italian brand is the sharing of components and technologies within the group. So, if the heir of the Ypsilon will be born, as mentioned before, on the Cmp multi-energy platform, which today gives birth to cars such as the Peugeot 208 and 2008 and which combines an offer of petrol, diesel and pure electric engines. (on the e-Cmp variant), both the flagship crossover and the re-edition of the Delta will build on the future Stla architecture for medium-large cars with 100% electric drive. The launch of the new range will also coincide with the return of the brand to European markets, from which it has been absent since 2017. The first will be those of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain, in 2024.

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