The car with the Ecobonus: here are the models to focus on

The car with the Ecobonus: here are the models to focus on
The car with the Ecobonus: here are the models to focus on

The incentives for electric cars: from Tuesday 26 October until the end of the year 100 million euros are allocated to finance the scrapping of an old car and the purchase of a new one.

The breakdown

Most of the fund (65 million euros) is intended for vehicles with low environmental impact, to be precise those included in the 0-60 grams of Co2 per kilometer ranges: this loan is also valid for leasing purchases. For the purchase and sale of cars with 0-20 g / km CO2 emissions, the expected contribution is 6 thousand euros with scrapping and 4 thousand without. For the purchase and sale of cars with CO2 emissions of 21-60 g / km, the contribution drops to 2500 euros with scrapping and 1500 without.

Another part of the fund, namely 20 million euros, will be used for the purchase of special and commercial vehicles: the largest share (15 million) belongs exclusively to electric vans. As specified on the Mise website, the bonus, which can reach a maximum of 8 thousand euros, will be paid with differences based on MTT (Total Ground Mass) and power supply.

More 10 million euros they will be financed for the purchase of new conventional cars with higher emissions than the first group (61-135 g / km of Co2): 1500 euros are foreseen but only in case of scrapping.

Finally the last ones 5 million euros relate to the sale of Euro 6 approved used vehicles (with emissions of less than 160 g / km of Co2): up to a maximum of 2 thousand euros, with a level that varies according to the level of emissions, but only in case of scrapping of an old car.

Electric cars

The incentive, which follows closely that relating to last September 28, was designed to try to increase the electricity market, which in our country is definitely struggling to take off. Overall, as reported by The Courier, throughout Europe the best-selling model was the Tesla Model 3, despite the cost ranging from 47,970 to 61,970 euros.

The hope is that in Italy the sale of the Fiat 500e, currently the most popular (ranging from 26,500 to 38,100 euros), can further increase. Immediately behind the Dacia Spring (from 20,100 to 21,600 euros in the list) which, due to the lower cost, was at the top of the September sales. Among the plug-in hybrids, the Jeep Renegade4xe (39,150 to 41,150 euros) and the BMW X1 25e (from 49,150 to 55,160 euros) resist.

As for vehicles with emissions between 61-135 g / km of Co2, there are full hybrid models such as Toyota and mild hybrids such as Fiat Panda, Fiat 500 (15.950-19.150 euros) or Ford Puma (26.250-31.500 EUR).

How to proceed

Merchants who want to join must register in the Area dealers and book the contributions foreseen for each vehicle. Depending on the availability of resources, the booking registration receipt will be sent. From that moment on, you will have 180 days of time available to confirm the operation, by forwarding the license plate number of the new vehicle delivered and all the documentation required for the sale.

The state contribution is immediately recognized to thebuyer through compensation made on the purchase cost of the car. Subsequently, therefore, the seller will recover this credit from the manufacturers / importers of the vehicle sold.

The last step is that the manufacturers/ importers, in possession of the necessary documentation sent to them by the retailer after the refund, recover the amount in the form of a tax credit.

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